ESCAPING from the world we live in (and WINNING)

Escape and smile however you can!

Escape and smile however you can!

It’s 3:09PM in a very cool, yet sunny day. I have just enjoyed a beautiful waffle and hot chocolate; and I am soaking up the beautiful Corporate Vibe of Lindt Café on George St.

I have a secret corner there by whereby I eat / drink my chocolate, charge my Surface Pro 4 and really just take a bit of time out to enjoy my life and gather my thoughts.

Even though I am doing work, it’s my own little ‘me time’ and it’s my form of ‘escapism’ which I totally love.

It’s actually quite important that we do get ‘me time’ in that if we just work all the time it can be tragically easy to get stressed out, go slightly insane and then make poor decisions whilst seeing our productivity drop.

As the businesses is just so incredible (thank you everyone and touch wood it keeps going that way), it requires more and more times where I ‘escape’ from the world around me to recharge and get back in / stay in the zone.

As ambitious entrepreneurs too, it can be easy to just ‘work all the time’ which is not a good thing at a given point. I have learned this the hard way and it’s critical that we take regular breaks to keep up happy and moving the right way.

For me being a CBD City Dweller these days, I have been learning all the good spots. Spots that are fun, places that are classy, venues that are quiet and of course those where I can charge my devices so I can stay productive out in the field.

Each of these environments (especially Lindt Café) gives me that escape which is just wonderful!

My advice and thinking? In however you structure it, make sure you get your own me time. It just rocks and it makes the massive difference. It keeps me happy, productive, focused and of course ‘in the zone’. Make sure you don’t do what I used to do and just ‘stress’. Turn your stress into productivity and WIN BIG.

Love your work, thank you Lindt Café and of course hit that like & share + stay awesome!