Automating Your Marketing: Our Top 7 Best ‘Lowest Hanging Fruit’ Strategies

Marketing that works whilst you are sleeping just rocks!

Marketing that works whilst you are sleeping just rocks!

I am sitting at my awesome Windows 10 Touch Screen PC on Sunday evening enjoying a fruit platter. It’s got nice pear, mandarins, grapes and some nicely sliced watermelon.

It got me thinking about fruit, then lowest hanging fruit and whilst I was eating it; I was thinking about how awesome my Automated Marketing is. That is while I am writing this blog, watching TV or eating fruit – I am getting promoted on autopilot.

Let’s say I did nothing all of a sudden, I would probably get seen by at least 1,000 people a day. As I do videos, cool blogs and the like; it expands this to a sweet 5,000 per day which doesn’t take much time at all.

As time passes too, my business is getting even more automated and I love it. I suspect that by the end of the year I will be easily seen online at least 5,000 times a day without any serious work with is very cool. In light of all this I have some of my most favourite Marketing Strategies in terms of Automation. This is my top 7 favourite that I recommend for many:

  • Beautiful High Converting Website: This sits there 24 hours a day 7 days a week working for you. Make sure yours is just wonderful and it sells.
  • Facebook Advertising: Starting at $5 / day this is just wonderful. $10 usually will give you 1000 views which is great. You can send it to your website, sign up pages and the like.
  • Your Blog: I love my blog and articles are forever out there getting picked up by Google whether I share them or not. Very nice!
  • LinkedIn Profile: This gets found by at least 50 people per day which his great. It doesn’t take any work and just goes on and on for me. Love it!
  • Facebook Content & Videos: Videos now can be found on Facebook and it’s for people to see as time passes. I love this side of things and it’s just great!
  • Email Marketing: Even though mine is not fully automated, it takes very little time to hit 2,500+ people so I love it. This can be quite automated though which is great.
  • Lead Pages with Auto Responders: Be it on your website or its own page; you can direct people to great download which automatically sends them materials, adds them to your database and does the heavy lifting.

These are just great strategies and even though these aren’t technically fully automated, they are very highly leveraged and worth it including Live Webinars, Live Events, Facebook Videos Daily and also speaking at events.

My advice and thinking? If you like the sound of these pick one and take action! Take lots of action and do it. Just do it.

Here to help, love your work and stay awesome friends!