Focusing on Top Quality People and Filtering out the ‘JUNK’

You're just awesome. Remember that. No junk. Only the best!

You’re just awesome. Remember that. No junk. Only the best!

Yes I have gone there and labelled some people ‘junk’ in contrast to totally awesome people (like you reading this blog).

I had such a polarising type of experience today in which I got two leads that both existed at different ends of the spectrum.

I was due to speak with the first lead early in the morning and they didn’t answer or return my calls (even though they asked to book). They then sent me a message saying they would call me back and they didn’t.

Then I had another experience. I got a lead in, called them right away and it was like speaking to an old friend. They rocked, they were cool, we immediately booked a time to meetup and I have a feeling they will be a great client.

During this day it was a very extreme experience into how ‘Lead Quality’ plays out and several key items of importance:

  • Great Marketing: You need to bring in lots of leads, so you can pick and choose.
  • Mutual Respect: You want clients that you love and love you.
  • Actually Working Together: If you can’t even book a phone call, imagine working with them? (Not)

It was quite funny have two leads on the exact opposite ends of the spectrum in a single day.

My advice and thinking? Bring in lots of leads! That lets you pick and choose and if someone gets you trouble, don’t get angry – just forget about them. Focus on those that really matter who are just wonderful as you are.

Love your work, thank you for the read, here is to the top quality leads and stay awesome!