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Live Sydney Workshop: Exploring the Profitable Business Networking Events & Chambers of Sydney

Exploring the Profitable Business Networking Events & Chambers of Sydney. Join Us!

Exploring the Profitable Business Networking Events & Chambers of Sydney. Join Us!

One thing the years have taught me is the importance of networking in the ‘right places’. I think when you start out visiting lots events everywhere is a good thing; but it can turn into a bad thing very quickly if you aren’t connecting with the right people.

I used to spend lots of time at smaller business networking breakfast and smaller lunches and one constant complaint / grumbling you get are people saying ‘none of my right customers are in the room’.

Some time ago I used to run a lot of networking groups like these and eventually I was moved on. I am so thankful to them for doing it because I then discovered the best places in town to Network!

Parramatta Business Chamber, the Australian British Chamber of Commerce and NSW Business Chamber are some fantastic ones and we have coming up a Live Sydney CBD workshop on Tuesday 13th September 2016 talking “Exploring the Profitable Business Networking Events & Chambers of Sydney”.

>> If you see this in time, please join us by registering at our Meetup Group Here!

Love to have you along and see all the details there. With the awesome Mark Kyte and Martha Arifin – we will be exploring this one a much more deeper level.

Till then : )

Brilliant people that define you

Gene Wilder in one of Young Frankenstein's iconic scenes. 5 Stars from me!

Gene Wilder in one of Young Frankenstein’s iconic scenes. 5 Stars from me!

When I was starting out in business, trying to bust through the ‘ice’ so to speak was tough and it was a total restart for my life.

I was ready to give up my old life, create something brand new and become something more powerful that what I was ever historically.

The *small problem* I had was that running out of money, being temporarily homeless and a few rough years didn’t take away my hunger for success; but it drastically impacted my self-esteem.

As I rebuilt from the ashes and started my new awesome life; I had my a few characters that totally inspired me. One was the awesome Gene Wilder who died today. He was just fantastic and I so loved him in Willy Wonka and all that. However, one of my favourite film of my childhood was him in ‘Young Frankenstein’.

It was filmed in Black & White when colour was around it’s basically a spoof of Frankenstein with Gene doing his crazy, serious and compelling thing. It’s funny as heck and what I got from that was some of his classic scenes.

** Warning Spoiler Alert **

One favourite scene was him being caught with a dead body by a cop. He presented everything was fine and just carried on as normal and the cop didn’t notice. You had him saying the crazy ‘it’s alive’. You even have him doing his ‘hmmmmmnnnn’ in the final amusing love scene.

Basically he was cool, collected, survived crazy situations and was funny has heck. As I rebuilt my life, he was part of the inspiration in the back of my subconscious mind (no doubt implanted during my childhood).

My advice and thinking? Nothing wrong at all with picking cool people and channelling them. I used to do that all the time then as things passed – I then started to evolve my own natural style.

So yes, part of me is very ‘Gene Wilder’ and it’s awesome. Part of my humour; I even at times make the ‘hmmmmmmmm’ type of noise and even say ‘it’s alive’ in funny situations that warrant such an approach. I want to acknowledge such a genius, RIP to him and inspire you to get great heroes and don’t hesitate to channel them.

It can be very funny, create a new dynamic and help you unlock your own style of charisma, speechcraft and success.

Love your work, thank you Gene Wilder and appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Emerging Leaders

Francois Alizart - watch this guy!

Francois Alizart – watch this guy!

Over the years I have been very lucky to work with now thousands of people. It’s been awesomely productive in that I have worked with hundreds one on one and had thousands through my workshops and Live Webinars combined.

Going back to my origins I worked with a handful and people who some have 25+ full time staff now and tragically some who are no longer in business.

When I reflect back onto my earliest clients, I remember starting to categorise and understand emerging leaders vs those who would go back to work. In short, I found that the traits of emerging leaders would include:

– Getting More Done: They don’t mess around and get projects done and deployed.

– Little Talk, Heavy Action: They don’t actually say much. They are too busy getting stuff done.

– Incredibly Responsible: They only blame the person in the mirror and take ultimate responsibility.

One character I have been blessed to work with is the Mindset Specialist Francois Alizart. He has a smooth French accent, is extremely perceptive and in a few short months is well respected with a very positive track record.

Using Francois as an example, he exhibits the traits of successful emerging leaders and it’s got me thinking on a deeper level about this issue. We only win when we change, adapt, get stuff done and take charge for our lot in life and business. In a short very space of time he has earned great reviews, picked up fabulous clients and already made himself part of the Sydney Business Community.

It’s certainly not an easy community to crack! For me, I spent a good 12 months on the outer to gradually chip my way in and prove my worth. This awesome fellow got in earlier than me and god bless him.

My advice friends? Take charge. Admit your mistakes. Learn from them. Get more productive. Focus on what matters. If you do that, expect lots more high value profitable clients.

Thank you for the read, full appreciation to Francois Alizart and stay awesome!

Peace and KARMA maaan!

Pretty flowers and Karma!

Pretty flowers and Karma!

As I was walking back from the gym on a beautiful almost Spring day in Sydney; I saw lots of pretty flowers.

Beautiful colours and the like. If you know me, I am a diehard Trump supporter and Ex-Military so thinking about pretty flowers is something of satire to me.

I then started thinking of hippies in a drum circle and for whatever reason the term karma popped into my head.

I then started thinking about how lucky I am in my life and people who successful ripped me off and crossed me over the years. Even though in say half those cases I haven’t done anything to defend myself; those people have gone on to live very unsuccessful lives.

What is Karma? Well a visit to Google Dictionary defines it as:

“(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.”

Technically it’s a religious term that I think over the years has become part of mainstream language and culture. Even though there are many examples of karma not working out (see the developing world); there are many more examples of it working out in that example.

In the first world, the way I often see it working out is in terms of direct retaliation. That is if someone does something to to someone; it is mentally recorded. Let’s say hypothetically a college lies to you and uses it. 6 months later a potential of theirs asks you about that person and you tell them the truth.

This has happened to me many times over the years. I have had people rip me off, abuse me, make fun of me and the like. By all means I defend myself and then I mentally delete them and move on. What happens however is we cross paths again and what they did to me ends up costing them.

A very good example of this was a two people I once worked with. It started out great and both of the two ganged up on me for whatever reason. They stopped paying me what I was owed and then used me for as much as I could (until I wisened up). It was quite upsetting and a great learning experience for me.

Then 3 months later guess what happened? I had a massive referral worth about $6,000. I didn’t send it to them. Then one of their colleagues did a reference check on me about them. I had to tell the truth. It then got better, I referred more work to other parties instead of them.

To the positive too, the awesome people out there just tend to win more. People support them, are kind to them, refer them and if someone does something bad against them; people step into and defend them. In fact with one of my awesome clients; he is this awesome coach who is starting out. He is so well liked that everyone is trying to find him clients!

This strikes me as a practical example of karma playing out. People who do bad things build up their list of enemies. People who do great things build up their supporters.

My advice and lessons? Karma is b!%#h if you are one! Also too, if someone does something bad to you please defend yourself. Once your are safe, write them off and move on.

You will be so much better in the long run!

Love your work, stay awesome and thanks for the read!

Plebiscite vs referendum

I first learned about the issue of Gay Marriage in South Park. Over 10 years ago!

I first learned about the issue of Gay Marriage in South Park. Over 10 years ago!

‘Gay marriage’ or the PC version of it called ‘marriage equality’ has been an issue in the Australia political for arena in for over a good decade now.

It’s been a divisive issue in many ways in that no matter what side someone takes; there is someone on the other side. After much consideration myself, I am one of those ‘Pro Gay Marriage’ Christians often earning me the hatred of both sides of the spectrum.

Extremely religious people think I am some kind of heretic and far left people just discriminate against me for even believing in Jesus for a moment.

This polarisation has of course been a political hot potato as both sides haven’t really touched it and aren’t making decisions trying to push it to ‘Popular Vote’ to distance themselves from the fallout. I have been hearing the terms “plebiscite” and “referendum” on this one and I thought it’s finally time to understand what this means.

In summary from Google Dictionary:

“Voting in referenda is compulsory. Referenda are binding on the government. A plebiscite is sometimes called an ‘advisory referendum’ because the government does not have to act upon its decision. Plebiscites do not deal with Constitutional questions but issues on which the government seeks approval to act, or not act.”

What peaked my interest in this one was the vote against doing plebiscite from the Greens Party and LGBT lobbyists. This sounded strange on the surface in that they are the first ones to the say ‘the majority’ are supportive of it, but are against putting it to popular vote.

It then got me thinking; they would only opposite it if they thought they were going to lose. This started making sense in that let’s say gay marriage went out to popular vote. It would start a press war and you would have all sides getting into fighting for whatever side of this issue. I could only imagine what would go around and I actually think Gay Marriage wouldn’t make it if it went popular vote.

My reasoning comes from the power of religion in Australia. They would no doubt unite to stop this movement and if any major politician backed it, it’s no way they would get back in. I also too suspect the research done to support Gay Marriage may not be completely objective (as it’s being presented to say opinion).

So there you go awesome friends. Gay marriage has probably got another decade of a stalemate on it and that is why many oppose a plebiscite on the issue. It would certainly stir up the hornet’s nest for sure!

My advice and lessons friends? Always search for the motives behind the words. What we often hear on the surface isn’t quite the truth; the truth is the unspoken words, meaning and movements behind it.

If anything, I have seen religious people wanting the plebiscite. Makes sense now. They know they would win.

Love your work, thanks for the read, touch wood we get marriage equality one day – but I wouldn’t hold my breathe anytime soon.

Those who have done it

Bill Gates. Legend and love his work!

Bill Gates. Legend and love his work!

I had one of the most annoying, yet funniest experiences in hindsight. Before I really cracked things and proven my success as a Marketing Mentor & Blogger, I was in a lot of Facebook groups (I have since left almost all of them).

Some were really good and I found some of them weren’t the best. One group I joined was run by this character who used to run quite a few networking groups (but has slid a long way since then).

They were quite an over competitive type of character that on one hand played the “I am here to help everyone card”, but unless they were the centre of attention and being praised all the time – oh boy they turned on you.

Before my blog really made it, the actual moderator of the group got stuck into my blog and criticised me for spelling errors, grammar and the like (I make plenty of mistakes there lol).

They totally and publicly trolled me in their Facebook group!

It was before my ‘iron skin’ developed and it was quite upsetting and guess what? They didn’t even have their own blog. In fact, I don’t think they have ever written an article before (as they couldn’t provide one). Over time, this person got taken down for upsetting other people and even it was proved they had plagiarised posts from other groups.

What this taught me and the inspiration I got was only really taking advice and listening to those who are credible and have done it. For whatever reason, I placed too much emotional significance on people who have no results and it’s a bit like copying a “D Student” in an exam and expecting an A.

Firstly, I don’t agree with cheating and secondly – if you are that way inclined, sit next to the A+ student (lol).

This is where I love studying people who have done it; and I mean really done it. They are the top performers in their industry and one of my heroes is Bill Gates.

Sure, he is the richest man in the world – but that isn’t actually the reason. He has worked hard, still works hard, made massive mistakes and has learned from them. Even Microsoft got into a bit of trouble a few years ago (Steve Jobs was ripping them apart), but they learned and ironically they are now beating up both Apple and Google.

When you study people who have done it, it sets you in a unique space in that you know the advice is real. If I was stupid enough to listen to that mean person who trashed my blog; yet doesn’t even blog themselves I would have seriously damaged my own business.

My advice and lessons friends? Learn from those who have done it and done it well in the style you like. Bill Gates has been a massive inspiration from me and I totally love it.

As much as I love Gatesy, find your own proven heroes. It’s well worth it!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome now!

Living on the edge at The Westmead Institute

The Westmead Institute was an eye opener to living life on the edge in many respects!

The Westmead Institute was an eye opener to living life on the edge in many respects!

Last Friday I was lucky to get a tour opportunity through ‘The Westmead Institute for Medical Research’. They are a world leading research institution and many years ago when I was studying my Bachelor of Applied Science, I heard about them in those days.

Ironically today I can literally walk there from my house in about 7 minutes.

Through a Parramatta Chamber event I met one of their senior managers and they invited me on tour. As curiosity has never killed this cat (lol); I thought it was a chance to get behind the scenes and explore what they are up too.

With thanks to Kerri Crossling and co for looking after me; I was taken through level after level of hardcore research action. There was analytical equipment in small boxes that cost over $1,000,000 AUD and I was given a window into living life and research on the edge. I saw stressed researchers, test tubes, micro burettes, centrifuges and scientific equipment that was beyond my own level of technological comprehension.

What shocked me about the experience was learning about the uncertainty that the researchers live under. Many who work there live on grant money meaning that if their grant runs out, their research ends and their careers may even be over.

Usually every few years they have to apply for new grants and get new funding sources and live under the infinite pressure of having to write papers, deliver results and come up with new breakthroughs that will keep bringing them more funding.

It got me thinking on not only wow have I got life good, but it served as a salient reminder of what life and business is like for all of us. It’s a competitive modern world that we are living in and if we aren’t improving what we do, looking after our clients and driving our knowledge; our competition most certainly are and can overtake us before we know it.

I have learned personally that in order to not only survive, but to thrive; we must be on ‘the edge’ of what we do. We must have the latest equipment, be up to date with the most recent thinking and be able to pass that knowledge onto our clients before other suppliers do.

My advice and lessons friends? Like our friends at Westmead Institute, success and life is always on the edge for us. We must be pushing our barriers all the time, out performing others around us and coming up with the goods first!

In that scenario it sets us up as leaders in our industry. I figured this out about 2 – 3 years ago and since that I have never looked back. Go hard, master what you do and remember; you don’t need the whole seat, just the edge.

Thank you Westmead Institute, love your work and some fantastic lessons!

Taking the problem head on

Learning from Schon on 'taking problems head on' made the event for me!

Learning from Schon on ‘taking problems head on’ made the event for me!

I was very lucky to be playing MC today at one of the fine ‘Condon Forum’ events. It’s an idea think tank and networking event run by ‘Condon Associates Group’ being a Western Sydney based Forensic, Insolvency and Turnaround business.

During the event, Schon Condon (the Principal and Owner) was speaking at the end and was actually talking about the ‘Titanic’ in terms of business lessons. He made lots of points and one great point he was making to the audience was:

– “You must take problems head on”

Where this related to the Titanic was that it is believed that on that fateful night; if the Titanic went straight for the iceberg, there is a great probability it would have survived the cruise back home.

The simple (non engineer view) reason for this is that by charging the iceberg would have done more damage to the front of the ship, BUT it would have stayed afloat. As they tried to avoid it, it caused damage along the side of the ship leading to flooding of its total compartments.

The point being that by trying to avoid lots of pain; it caused them all to fail. Sometimes in business we have to do things that make us look silly, are totally embarrasing, require us admitting mistakes and may even involve us to shred out ego’s in the public space.

I had to do my own version of this several times in my own business. One time a few years ago I had to admit my own errors in working to build someone else’s networking business; only to have it all taken away from me on their own terms (leaving me with years of hard work and nothing to show for it).

It left me red faced, embarrassed – but I admitted it, took it head on and learned from my mistakes. I then was able to discover the very lucrative Business Chambers of Sydney that paved the success that I am lucky to possess today. Basically, by admitting where I stuffed up wasn’t lots of fun; but it allowed me to focus on the future.

My advice and reflecting on Schon’s words of ‘taking problems head on?’ – sometimes you have to admit you have lost. It sucks. No one likes it. But when we do, we can make changes, have another shot and win the next time. The faster we do this the better. It was a powerful lesson and loved it.

Trust these thoughts help, thanks for the read, stay awesome and thank you Condon Associates for the fine lesson!

Having the RIGHT meetings

Loved learning from benojo's founder Martyn Ryan today. In the zone!

Loved learning from benojo’s founder Martyn Ryan today. In the zone!

It’s 10:26AM as I write this article sitting in a very impressive “Big-Thinking Technology” workshop. Hosted by Parramatta Council and the University of New England – it’s talking about businesses and charities working closer together.

Martyn and Dawn were out from ‘benojo’ talking basically the ‘Facebook’ of charity. It connects volunteers with the right charities and I love it.

During the workshop, it became a powerhouse think tank talking from the points of view of running charities and charity marketing. What I found ironically funny was the challenges in running a ‘not for profit’ is the same as a ‘very for profit’.

They spoke about one of my pet hatreds of passion too; tyre kickers!

One big issue in the charity space (and any space) is getting the right meetings with the right companies. It’s started a strong discussion and I couldn’t agree more. It’s very easy to spend lots of time in the wrong networking events, with the wrong people and it’s not good for everyone.

For me in business I have learned that the hard way. I used to spent too much time in poor quality networking events (with people who are just there to sell and not help) and many of my friends too have had the same problem.

Meeting the wrong people hurts everyone. It damages your own business, it can waste others time and it can hurt your family in terms of you earning less money.

What is really important and I have actually improved recently in my own business is saying ‘NO’ the wrong meetings and if you are going to have a meeting – make sure there is an agenda and there is context. You don’t need points or anything, but equally – you don’t want to spend 1/2 a day meeting someone (including travel) for it to come to no result for both sides.

They were really big on this in the event today in terms of making sure that when you met someone, both sides are pumped to work with each other for the win / win.

Great commentary and loved it. My advice friends? Only go to great win / win meetings. Make sure people know in advance what it’s about, so if it’s ‘wrong’ either side can cancel to make it as worthwhile as possible.

I started doing this really well about 6 weeks ago and love it. It’s given me more time to put my love and passion into my awesome clients. They deserve it!

Love your work, thank you benojo, Parramatta Council & Chamber + University of New England. You rock and great learning new ideas!

Live Webinar Recording: Powerful words that SELL!

Tonight's Live Webinar was fun and informative. Love talking writing!

Tonight’s Live Webinar was fun and informative. Love talking writing!

Tonight’s webinar rocked and I totally loved talking Writing, Wording and making it all SELL!

Strangely enough, when I started my Marketing Career, my writing totally sucked (and I mean really sucked). I get paid to write and even run seminars on the topic now ironically!

This inspired me to run a Live Webinar on the topic talking my experiences with writing that drives conversion and sales.

I used my own website as an example and interesting have found modern day Microsoft excellent at writing. If you check out their Flagship store in Pitt St, Sydney CBD or their website – you can see short power statements that get across what they are brilliant at with as little words as possible.

There are plenty of great examples and I gave some great ideas in tonight’s Live Webinar and I’d love to share the recording with you on the house. If you need a hand or want more, love to work with you. Check out the home page of my website to learn more.

Enjoy the Live Webinar Recording below and if any questions, please just ask!

Trying new things

Loved the NSI open day. I am getting old too lol

Loved the NSI open day. I am getting old too lol

We often hear about the ‘importance of innovation’ in business and I am sure no one would disagree it being important to the success of any given enterprise.

It makes perfect sense. You improve things, continually come up with new ideas and push yourself to deliver more to your customers to stand out in a very cluttered marketplace.

What I find interesting is that I would say only the elite few of companies and entrepreneurs out there actually do try new things. The ones that don’t are often the companies you don’t hear about and the ones that do are the ones you of course often read about.

One of those companies who are making a lot of headway is Northern Sydney Institute (Part of TAFE NSW). I have worked with them for years, done TEDx sessions with them and they are one of the leading parts of TAFE in Sydney (as it’s broken up into different regions).

As an institute they are always up to something cool. Talking from a Marketer’s viewpoint, you have the light improvements from website design right through to quite serious initiatives such as hosting TEDx talks right through to impressive open days.

I was the MC at their open day yesterday (Saturday) and ironically before it – I realised it was their first one. They put their hopes into a crazy person like me (lol) and it came out as a great first run for the day. The traffic was steady throughout the day. You didn’t get massive crowds of people coming through, BUT you had people coming through that were incredibly interested and asking very serious and heavy questions.

It was a quality / quantity debate for sure in that many visitors came with their mothers and it gave me the impression that when it comes to education; the mothers are certainly the key influencers and decision makers (was for me a long time ago too).

You had mothers going through with their sons & daughters constantly suggesting different directions for them to go in. I loved watching the social interaction and it was lots of fun in many ways.

In short, NSI tried something new and was it perfect? Of course not. Things never are in the first run. It usually takes about 5 – 6 runs before something is well optimised and working well.

However, it will bring them lots of new students and is a great move for keeping their name out there in the community.

My advice and thinking? Like our friends at NSI – you want to be very progressive in your business. This includes trying new ideas, forever improving, not being afraid to fail and of course; learning from your wins and losses.

I like to keep the wins of course much bigger than the losses! Love your work, thank you NSI and friends + remember #thinktafe

The back firing of the Trump statue

Ironically a winning move for Trump...(Source - YouTube)

Ironically a winning move for Trump…(Source – YouTube)

If you have been following almost any form of media, you would have seen the naked statues mocking Trump that have been placed across the United States.

It’s a naked Trump with basically ‘small features’ downstairs with the obvious intent to mock and humiliate him. It has total world attention and it doesn’t take much of a stretch in thinking to suggest that it’s one of the many moves of the Clinton Administration to shame Trump in the various ways they can.

What is very interesting about this move is that it’s created an ‘opposite’ type of reaction on many levels.

Sure you can find it being cheered on; however a simple review on YouTube & Facebook comments and Google shows a lot of people condemning the move.

Going beyond Trump supporters, the part that has interested me are actual ‘Lefties’ that don’t like Trump who are against the statute and are actually feeling sympathy for him. From a ‘Leftie’ viewpoint they have indulged in a range of double standards covering:

– Fat Shaming / Body Image: They are always the ones to go on about image and here they are making ‘fat statues’.

– Gender Issues: The small penis is something that does cross a few barriers especially when come into the ‘gender’ type of issue and also consider the Trans community.

– Being oppressive bullies: Making naked ‘mocking’ statues of anyone else would probably be illegal at least in Australia. The left aren’t looking very nice here.

–  Obvious Double Standards: Imagine if this one done about Hillary Clinton? What type of outcry would we see?

If anything, was the statues a plot created by Donald Trump himself? Did he have himself deliberately attacked like this to create the exact reaction of sympathy?

I don’t think so, however the ‘leftie’ plot to humiliate him has probably given him tens of thousands of new votes and people seeing him as the victim. Also too, they have given Trump even more air time that his opponent.

My lessons and thinking from this one? Attacking things can backfire and make it stronger.

I bet he is even closer to the White House now…

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay tuned on this one!