Loved learning from benojo's founder Martyn Ryan today. In the zone!

Loved learning from benojo’s founder Martyn Ryan today. In the zone!

It’s 10:26AM as I write this article sitting in a very impressive “Big-Thinking Technology” workshop. Hosted by Parramatta Council and the University of New England – it’s talking about businesses and charities working closer together.

Martyn and Dawn were out from ‘benojo’ talking basically the ‘Facebook’ of charity. It connects volunteers with the right charities and I love it.

During the workshop, it became a powerhouse think tank talking from the points of view of running charities and charity marketing. What I found ironically funny was the challenges in running a ‘not for profit’ is the same as a ‘very for profit’.

They spoke about one of my pet hatreds of passion too; tyre kickers!

One big issue in the charity space (and any space) is getting the right meetings with the right companies. It’s started a strong discussion and I couldn’t agree more. It’s very easy to spend lots of time in the wrong networking events, with the wrong people and it’s not good for everyone.

For me in business I have learned that the hard way. I used to spent too much time in poor quality networking events (with people who are just there to sell and not help) and many of my friends too have had the same problem.

Meeting the wrong people hurts everyone. It damages your own business, it can waste others time and it can hurt your family in terms of you earning less money.

What is really important and I have actually improved recently in my own business is saying ‘NO’ the wrong meetings and if you are going to have a meeting – make sure there is an agenda and there is context. You don’t need points or anything, but equally – you don’t want to spend 1/2 a day meeting someone (including travel) for it to come to no result for both sides.

They were really big on this in the event today in terms of making sure that when you met someone, both sides are pumped to work with each other for the win / win.

Great commentary and loved it. My advice friends? Only go to great win / win meetings. Make sure people know in advance what it’s about, so if it’s ‘wrong’ either side can cancel to make it as worthwhile as possible.

I started doing this really well about 6 weeks ago and love it. It’s given me more time to put my love and passion into my awesome clients. They deserve it!

Love your work, thank you benojo, Parramatta Council & Chamber + University of New England. You rock and great learning new ideas!



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