Emerging Leaders

Francois Alizart - watch this guy!

Francois Alizart – watch this guy!

Over the years I have been very lucky to work with now thousands of people. It’s been awesomely productive in that I have worked with hundreds one on one and had thousands through my workshops and Live Webinars combined.

Going back to my origins I worked with a handful and people who some have 25+ full time staff now and tragically some who are no longer in business.

When I reflect back onto my earliest clients, I remember starting to categorise and understand emerging leaders vs those who would go back to work. In short, I found that the traits of emerging leaders would include:

– Getting More Done: They don’t mess around and get projects done and deployed.

– Little Talk, Heavy Action: They don’t actually say much. They are too busy getting stuff done.

– Incredibly Responsible: They only blame the person in the mirror and take ultimate responsibility.

One character I have been blessed to work with is the Mindset Specialist Francois Alizart. He has a smooth French accent, is extremely perceptive and in a few short months is well respected with a very positive track record.

Using Francois as an example, he exhibits the traits of successful emerging leaders and it’s got me thinking on a deeper level about this issue. We only win when we change, adapt, get stuff done and take charge for our lot in life and business. In a short very space of time he has earned great reviews, picked up fabulous clients and already made himself part of the Sydney Business Community.

It’s certainly not an easy community to crack! For me, I spent a good 12 months on the outer to gradually chip my way in and prove my worth. This awesome fellow got in earlier than me and god bless him.

My advice friends? Take charge. Admit your mistakes. Learn from them. Get more productive. Focus on what matters. If you do that, expect lots more high value profitable clients.

Thank you for the read, full appreciation to Francois Alizart and stay awesome!