Peace and KARMA maaan!

Pretty flowers and Karma!

Pretty flowers and Karma!

As I was walking back from the gym on a beautiful almost Spring day in Sydney; I saw lots of pretty flowers.

Beautiful colours and the like. If you know me, I am a diehard Trump supporter and Ex-Military so thinking about pretty flowers is something of satire to me.

I then started thinking of hippies in a drum circle and for whatever reason the term karma popped into my head.

I then started thinking about how lucky I am in my life and people who successful ripped me off and crossed me over the years. Even though in say half those cases I haven’t done anything to defend myself; those people have gone on to live very unsuccessful lives.

What is Karma? Well a visit to Google Dictionary defines it as:

“(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.”

Technically it’s a religious term that I think over the years has become part of mainstream language and culture. Even though there are many examples of karma not working out (see the developing world); there are many more examples of it working out in that example.

In the first world, the way I often see it working out is in terms of direct retaliation. That is if someone does something to to someone; it is mentally recorded. Let’s say hypothetically a college lies to you and uses it. 6 months later a potential of theirs asks you about that person and you tell them the truth.

This has happened to me many times over the years. I have had people rip me off, abuse me, make fun of me and the like. By all means I defend myself and then I mentally delete them and move on. What happens however is we cross paths again and what they did to me ends up costing them.

A very good example of this was a two people I once worked with. It started out great and both of the two ganged up on me for whatever reason. They stopped paying me what I was owed and then used me for as much as I could (until I wisened up). It was quite upsetting and a great learning experience for me.

Then 3 months later guess what happened? I had a massive referral worth about $6,000. I didn’t send it to them. Then one of their colleagues did a reference check on me about them. I had to tell the truth. It then got better, I referred more work to other parties instead of them.

To the positive too, the awesome people out there just tend to win more. People support them, are kind to them, refer them and if someone does something bad against them; people step into and defend them. In fact with one of my awesome clients; he is this awesome coach who is starting out. He is so well liked that everyone is trying to find him clients!

This strikes me as a practical example of karma playing out. People who do bad things build up their list of enemies. People who do great things build up their supporters.

My advice and lessons? Karma is b!%#h if you are one! Also too, if someone does something bad to you please defend yourself. Once your are safe, write them off and move on.

You will be so much better in the long run!

Love your work, stay awesome and thanks for the read!