Bill Gates. Legend and love his work!

Bill Gates. Legend and love his work!

I had one of the most annoying, yet funniest experiences in hindsight. Before I really cracked things and proven my success as a Marketing Mentor & Blogger, I was in a lot of Facebook groups (I have since left almost all of them).

Some were really good and I found some of them weren’t the best. One group I joined was run by this character who used to run quite a few networking groups (but has slid a long way since then).

They were quite an over competitive type of character that on one hand played the “I am here to help everyone card”, but unless they were the centre of attention and being praised all the time – oh boy they turned on you.

Before my blog really made it, the actual moderator of the group got stuck into my blog and criticised me for spelling errors, grammar and the like (I make plenty of mistakes there lol).

They totally and publicly trolled me in their Facebook group!

It was before my ‘iron skin’ developed and it was quite upsetting and guess what? They didn’t even have their own blog. In fact, I don’t think they have ever written an article before (as they couldn’t provide one). Over time, this person got taken down for upsetting other people and even it was proved they had plagiarised posts from other groups.

What this taught me and the inspiration I got was only really taking advice and listening to those who are credible and have done it. For whatever reason, I placed too much emotional significance on people who have no results and it’s a bit like copying a “D Student” in an exam and expecting an A.

Firstly, I don’t agree with cheating and secondly – if you are that way inclined, sit next to the A+ student (lol).

This is where I love studying people who have done it; and I mean really done it. They are the top performers in their industry and one of my heroes is Bill Gates.

Sure, he is the richest man in the world – but that isn’t actually the reason. He has worked hard, still works hard, made massive mistakes and has learned from them. Even Microsoft got into a bit of trouble a few years ago (Steve Jobs was ripping them apart), but they learned and ironically they are now beating up both Apple and Google.

When you study people who have done it, it sets you in a unique space in that you know the advice is real. If I was stupid enough to listen to that mean person who trashed my blog; yet doesn’t even blog themselves I would have seriously damaged my own business.

My advice and lessons friends? Learn from those who have done it and done it well in the style you like. Bill Gates has been a massive inspiration from me and I totally love it.

As much as I love Gatesy, find your own proven heroes. It’s well worth it!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome now!



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