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The Shonk Conning me into a Pyramid Scheme! Nice.

Love to lock up this evil Moron!

Love to lock up this evil Moron!

I had a funny, yet annoying phone conversation with some mean idiot the other day.  I have known this fellow for a while and in the last 6 months – I think he has gone through about 4 Dodgy Multi-Level Marketing Schemes.

Now, I don’t hate all MLM’s (some are quite good) – but I have a problem with the evil & unethical high pressure / misleading sales tactics used.

I was busy working away seeing clients and I got a call from this fellow.  He started to ask me quite a few private questions about my business (i.e which put me on edge) and then said:

– Do I have just 1 hour to see a presentation on Saturday?

I was like – no thank you, I am too busy.  I kept giving hints and this guy just couldn’t stop trying to push me to an event.  I started getting angry and was that close to screaming at him and then he got the message.

He then had the audacity to try and make out I was “Close Minded” because I didn’t want to go.

What was sad about this is that his “Bully / Shonk” approach would have worked on some people.  Then because bullying worked, it would justify and drive his own behaviour.

I really hate this guy and everything he stands for and I hope he calls me again! At the very least, I can tell every one around town to watch out for him.

So if you are caught up in those Pyramid Schemes, please be careful – make sure you don’t use their dirty trick on your friends and family!

Why do Positive Thinkers always give up?

Perhaps you need to be more positive aye?

Perhaps you need to be more positive aye?

This has been my experience over the last 2 years or so.  I am not a Positive Thinker by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, I accept I can be too Negative at times) and I have usually been criticized by them.

I have heard these lovely “Positive Thinkers” say to me that:

– I won’t be successful with my mindset.

– They are going to make millions in two years.

– Victory will come from Positive Thinking.

I am thinking of about 15 people when I write this and many of them started businesses and entered into these “New Ventures”.

Where do you think they are now? Well you probably have figured this out, they are back working as an employee or still losing tons of money not dealing with mother reality.

In going through the process of starting up my own business, I think I have gone to hell and back quite a few times now.  The best model I had it explained to me is that it’s the “Dark Tunnel” which we must cross.   The more times we cross it, the tougher, smarter and more valuable to the market we become.

Many of these “Positive Thinkers” don’t accept this reality.  I have had them all tell me that I should just “Visualize” and it’s all going to happen.

The problem of this thinking is that it ignores the inevitable.  No matter how good or lucky you are, you are going to have some bad days in your life and business.  These unprepared people get their worlds shattered and in my experience are the first to give up.

It’s better to accept bad stuff is coming, so you are prepared to deal with it and win!

So you Positive Thinkers out there! I have thrown down the gauntlet, so please tell me why I am wrong and nothing bad ever happens in our world.  Give me some examples too – love to hear your “Thoughts”.

Otherwise for you realists out there have a fantastic day! If you have some rough times stick at it, they always pass!

Positive Thinking: Will protect you from Getting Mugged at Night?

This Girl just needs to be "More Positive". What?

This Girl just needs to be “More Positive”. What?

No it didn’t.  As much as I don’t want to write this article (as he is one lovely guy I am writing about) – I will do my best to protect his identity! He is from Melbourne, so for my Sydney friends, stop trying to guess.  My old buddy wasn’t doing too well Financially.  We would speak quite a bit and he was the sort of fellow that had fantastic ideas, had a charitable and giving heart – but was always afraid of taking risks or doing hard work.

He got really stuck into “Positive Thinking” and took it to the extreme.  After watching peanut / bonehead films like “The Secret” he had all the answers and started visualizing to the extreme.  3 Months later, he actually had less money than he started with and I came in as the “Wet Blanket” to discuss what happened.

He was clinging to his Positive Thinking, like a Terrorist justifying killing innocents and despite what logic I put to him, he would deflect it with some very implausible excuse.

I then did what typical Solicitors would do and applied the “Extreme Test”.  That is – give him an extreme set of circumstances to breakdown his irrational thinking (that was hurting him financially big time).

I said to him, “OK Secret Friend – So if you are a woman at night, walking home in a dodgy part of town, if you apply Positive Thinking you won’t get mugged?”  He then proudly said YES.

If you know me, I always speak several sentences ahead and he walked into my trap – my next line was “OK, if you are a poor woman who got Assaulted at night, is it your fault because you entertained Negative Thoughts?”

He then started to stutter and realized the folly of his arguments and then tried to get out of the corner by saying “But it doesn’t work this way”.  I then asked “How does it work?”

His argument close was “You just don’t get it Ed” and then he attacked this blog you are reading now for being “Negative”.

But that is the reality of Positive Thinking isn’t it? Take no action? Ignore the real world? Just sit there “Humming” under a tree?

Well if you are reading this blog post and disagree, I really want to hear your logic.  Don’t just label me as “Negative” as my friend did – love to hear your reasoning on this one!

As for my friend, I hope you don’t read this post – but you know I think you are a cool guy and I won’t tell a soul you were the one that said this!

Positive Thinking: Makes you Delusional, Poor & Weak?

A Daily Dose of "Positive Thinking?"

A Daily Dose of “Positive Thinking?”

In just the 1 – 2 years, I have seen so many people start “Awesome Businesses” only to disappear from the face of the Earth 2 – 3 months after meeting them.

After surviving the first year in my business and having the actual “Combat Scars” and “Battle Experience”, many of the things I learnt about Positive Thinking from Seminars and books was simply not true.

What I also found interesting was that the people that either have massive business or succeeded, totally laughed and had no respect in Positive Thinking at all.  You hand them a book on “Positive Thinking” they would sneer at you!

On a much sadder note, I found that many of the people that didn’t make it – loved their Positive Thinking.  They religiously clung to their “Positive Thinking” books and didn’t deal with any of the real issues they were facing.

This practical experience taught me the short-comings of extreme Positive Thinking.  It advocates not dealing with reality and just imagining how you “Want Things”.

Wanting to look like Indian guy off Twilight generates completely different results than working out in the Gym 4 hours per day for 6 months.

Quite an interesting experience! This proved Positive Thinking is certainly quite lame and “Positive Realism” is the answer.  Wish I learnt this one 20 years ago!

The MEAN Bully who Played Victim

I heard that Bullies love being hit by bats.

I heard that Bullies love being hit by bats.

At a Networking Group some time ago, a few of this had this very strange experience with this individual.  Firstly, the person came to our Networking Group and appeared to have a great time.

The person appeared to integrate well, was well accepted and I even thought they may want to join us.  We joked around a bit and they were happy.

Then the next day, I got this very strange email from them saying “I made fun of them and they were so upset”.  I made this funny remark to them and they were all upset and offended.  Even though I thought they were not being very reasonable, I then apologized.

I then heard from this person about 1 month later and they were my best friend.

I moved and forgot about it, and then one of my friends at the same time had an almost identical experience with this mean individual.  That is – for no “Common Sense” reason, the person blew up at them, demanding an apology.  Once given, the person backed down.

Strange pattern and I knew it – this person has some type of selfish problem and is just projecting it onto everyone.  I then bumped into this person, said hello and they “Snobbed” me off.

On a funny note, this person probably weights about 50kg and is actually quite a non-intimidating figure, but loves to hit people from a distance with mean emails.  So I thought this one through and picked up on an interesting pattern.

This person is a MEAN bully! They enjoy the power kick they get from pushing people around.  They were quite sophisicated actually, they turn on the “Waterworks” and get all “Upset” and play Victim.

Years ago, I worked in this one role and there was this mean bully who was protected by Management.  They did what they wanted and when they got into trouble, they turned on the “Waterworks” to get off the hook.

So clever strategy! These MEAN people play victim so people back off and then manipulate and bully people.  When they get found out, the “Waterworks” go on.

Well MEAN person.  If you are reading this blog, you know who you are.  I am up for a rematch if you are! So be careful out there! If someone is playing victim too much, I bet they are trying to work you over. I heard that bullies liked to be whacked with sticks.  They really do – so you should try it!

Positive Thinking News: The End of the Lazy & Stupid Con Artist!

Dodgy Con Artists.  Us Positive Thinkers will get you!

Dodgy Con Artists. Us Positive Thinkers will get you!

Some totally Positive Thinking and Fantastic News to present.  In about the past 2 – 3 months, I have seen at least 3 Con Artists get what they deserve.

That is, I am talking about these 3 x Truly Negative people who disguise themselves as “Positive Thinkers” who just want to help everyone out.  But really they suck ass.  Why do they suck? Because they are Untrained Morons who don’t appreciate ethics or hard work.

One person in particular was doing Social Media.  They were totally incompetent and what suprised me was that they were charging THOUSANDS of dollars for what would been hours of work.  We spotted this person quite quickly, but it makes me wonder – how many of them have they sucked in before?

But I have an even better one.  I met this idiot at a Networking Event who was really negative and made many people feel uncomfortable.  They helped someone in the room setup a Domain Name.

Now if you haven’t set up a Domain name before, it costs about $12 (from memory) and can be done within minutes say at Crazy Domains or something like that.  So this pillock set up domains and charged one of my friends $50 each!

Yes, $50 each to setup a domain! They did this in minutes.  What a bastard don’t you think? My poor friend got burnt, but the good news was we told everyone about this shonky person.  They won’t be welcome in our Networking Group again!

So how does this relate to Positive Thinking? Well instead of doing what seems to be the preached “Norm” of just thinking “Positive Thoughts” we are converting that into action and actively removing “Negative People”.

This brings me back to an old lesson that my mother used to teach me as well:

– “Edward, be careful who you hang with!”

So true! We hang with dodgy rats (like this person who charged $50 and ripped of my friend) their habits may rub off on us.  But, if we hang with cool honest people – they will hold us accountable!

So if you are the man who charged my friends $50 for a Domain Name, you can suck my fat one.

Please leave a comment below with your home address and the location of your spare key 🙂