‘Yourself’ vs ‘The Establishment’

Being yourself can take many forms that people like or don't - and it totally rocks!

Being yourself can take many forms that people like or don’t – and it totally rocks!

I met with a wonderful client recently who I shall not mention; but she knows exactly who she is.

She is exactly a wonderful person who likes myself is a strong Christian and loves Jesus. If you are thinking “Oh here we go again with Edward on his pro Trump / Christian rants poor excuse for a blog” then you are spot on.

I do love Jesus (and Donald Trump) and I worked very hard on the Trump Campaign during 2016 which was just wonderful. It tested me in many different ways from dealing with FAKE NEWS, crazy lefties that were trolling me on Facebook and it being a tough (yet defining moment) in my life.

I felt like it was seriously me versus the establishment and the world around me and when of course Trump won; it was not only a sigh of relief but a vindication for the hard work we had all done.

Interestingly as I met with my wonderful client; she is coming into herself and was having a very strong debate of how she uses her faith as part of what she does. Deep down she always wanted to go to town with her faith, but with complete understanding she obviously questioned that.

I totally understand that in that when we get up and say something like “I love Jesus” or “I love Donald Trump” we instantly open ourselves up against the so called “Establishment”.

This can include lots of the FAKE MEDIA, Lefties and people that don’t believe in diversity of thought and want to take us down a peg or two. It can be very hard to mentally resolve especially if you are coming into your own self, vulnerable in your life and trying to especially get your business off the ground.

It can certainly feel like “you” versus “the world” at times, but here are a few truths I learned along the way:

  • Most people agree with you! They are just afraid of coming forward.
  • As you go for your own views, people on the fence will side with you.
  • The so called “Establishment” doesn’t have the teeth it makes out it has.

That is when it comes to who we really are; most of the fear is internally generated. Sure, if you declare you love Jesus some people will totally hate you and that’s wonderful! You probably don’t want those bigots in your life to begin with and hopefully they will unfriend you on FB and never bother you again.

Talking to the positive; the wonderful around you will see your example and shall be inspired by your stand.

My advice and thinking? Be yourself and stand up against the establishment. It’s not that powerful and the more you stand up to the bigotry around you with a firm belief in your beliefs it makes all the difference.

People get psyched out by something with a really strong conviction and it’s wonderful.

Be you. Because you rock. The world must see that.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. To my awesome friend from a particular set of ‘Islands’. You rock.