The need for multiple PROFITABLE Marketing Strategies

Kevin Bacon from the Grounds in Alexandria. The ultimate Marketing Strategy!

Kevin Bacon from the Grounds in Alexandria. The ultimate Marketing Strategy!

I love seeing some of the ads on Facebook for Business Growth and the like. Some are actually really really good offering something quite reasonable. Some are really fictional or over simplify what they say and are almost ‘Click Bait’ in their approach.

One thing I have heard lots that is totally untrue is how you can just do one Marketing Strategy over and over again and expect to build a massive six and seven figure business with ‘complete ease’.

I shall be the first to tell you that reality requires more than ‘ease’ to build even a six figure business in any quick amount of time. When I think of the people who have succeeded, make it big time and won (and talking self-made) they usually have 4 – 5 Marketing Strategies they are using with massive success.

I have never seen anyone just do it with say just Live Webinars, or Workshops, or even Facebook by itself and I want to explain why in some detail. Let’s say you are doing Live Webinars or Workshops (which is a wonderful strategy by the way).

The obvious question is do you just run the workshop and people magically appear? Of course not! You need to use other Marketing Strategies to fill your event. This may include Facebook, Email Marketing, Direct Selling and Paid Advertising on FB.

That just above requires knowledge of 4 x Marketing Strategies in order to successfully pull it off. Also too, you may win the first round but if you aren’t careful and growing your community; it can be very easy to dry up your ‘pond’ so it future events become harder to fill.

Then in this scenario you need ongoing Marketing going all the time to forever be expanding your influence, community and power.

In short if you think of almost any means of getting new high value clients, it’s rarely just ‘one thing’. It requires several things done incredibly well for it to work.

A common example too is say you meet someone at a Business Networking event and give them your card. What is the first thing they do when they get home? Probably check out your website before taking it further (or at least check you out on LinkedIn).

My advice and thinking? The years and wins have taught me that clients actually engage us in very complex ways. People don’t just look at our business card and whip out a Credit Card. They study us, analyse us, look at multiple touch points and the like before choosing to engage us.

As we do this all well, it just speeds up how fast we win. Which rocks of course. Make sure you have multiple strategies working for you big time.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. One of the best Marketing Strategies of all time is ‘Kevin Bacon’ from the Grounds in Alexandria (Sydney). They rock!