Creating PROFESSIONAL & BEAUTIFUL Videos with Camtasia 9 (Thank you TechSmith)

Camtasia is a great Video Editing Program. Relatively simple with a powerful professional output!

Camtasia is a great Video Editing Program. Relatively simple with a powerful professional output!

I get asked all the time as to how I create my videos. Videos are a huge part of my own Marketing, Content and Online Course Strategy in that I do videos for anything like a 60 second tip to go over Facebook or a serious professional walkthrough recording the screen on my PC.

Talking more to the actual screen and webinar recordings; my secret that I wish to share with you is ‘Camtasia 9’ from TechSmith.

Camtasia is built for professionals to record and create powerful Educational Content. It’s great for recording screens, cleaning up the audio, putting in transitions, tacking videos together, cutting, splitting, inserting graphics and a range of effective applications.

I use it quite often for say taking a 60 second video with my phone and then cleaning it up, putting in nice fades, improving the audio and putting on my ‘Cartoon Transition’ ending which I really like.

For the serious content modules that say go into my Awesome Marketing Vault, that will be recording my PC screen as I go through PowerPoints giving really pointed information that people are paying to access.

Camtasia is great and I use it with my Windows 10 Touch Screen PC and I have an external Samson Studio Microphone which I use. They are easily available through JB HiFi and can easily be purchased online and delivered to you within days.

Camtasia also has a great balance of functionality and whilst it does take some time to learn; once you do it’s very easy to use every time.

My advice and thinking? You can download a Free Trial from the TechSmith website. Just google ‘camtasia download’ and just make sure you are downloading it from the actual official TechSmith website so it’s the correct version.

Enjoy, happy editing, it’s a great program and I love TechSmith. It’s a great company with many other great programs (including Snagit).