Creating the Idea and Structure for your PROFITABLE Online Course

Once I got the idea and the structure down - success was only around the corner!

Once I got the idea and the structure down – success was only around the corner!

Working with the awesome Teachable Platform has changed my life in many ways as my awesome business has grown! To my wonderful face to face clients I help educate them by giving them access and of course to ‘Awesome Marketing Vault Clients’ they get access to the content and me for a fab price of just $97 AUD per month.

I just did a video then (on Saturday evening) for the Awesome Marketing Vault on ‘Creating the Idea and Structure for your PROFITABLE Online Course’ as it’s become key area of focus for my awesome community.

When I created my own Vault; I got really hung up on what it should be about, what it gives people and even at one point I even questioned whether I should even have Marketing in the title! It was some ‘crazy talk’ going through my mind and I learned many wonderful things in all of this.

When it comes to creating a successful and profitable online course I realised that:

  • It’s no different to what we already for a living!

When I followed this logic to create courses, it makes it all very simple. For example:

  • If you are Project Manager, you may come up with a course “Mastering Project Management and Delivering Outcomes ASAP”.
  • You may be a Sales Mentor with a course “Mastering Face to Face Selling like the Pro’s”
  • You could be a Fashion Stylish & Personal Presence Specialist with the “Personal Presence & Sales Success Vault” or something to that powerhouse impact.

When it comes to the actual structure it’s no different to what you would work with your clients through in the face to face world. In my case it starts off with high level Marketing Planning & Strategy then as it progresses it gets into the actual Marketing Tactics and details.

To keep this simple, easy and powerful; think of what you already do and then structure it. Let’s say for example you work on 8 x different areas with your clients. This means you have 8 x different sections on your course! Your content can be as simple as downloads and highly advanced recordings (say using Camtasia).

My advice and thinking? Keep it simple, powerful, stick to the ‘Transformation’ you actually give people and base it on what you already do successfully.

If you are already doing it face to face, then *you know* people will just your love course and it takes the risk out. I also love giving people direct access to me to really add lots of value to the course to make it even stronger and more powerful (turning what you do from a ‘Course’ into a ‘Mentoring Program’).

Make your course real, powerful and just wonderful. The perfect place to start.

Love your work, thank you for the read and check out my Awesome Marketing Vault in walking the talk!