Winning one day at a time (Thank you Tony Rosier from TSheets)

Tony Rosier from TSheets is busy winning one day at a time. Love his work!

Tony Rosier from TSheets is busy winning one day at a time. Love his work!

If you have ever studied DISC profiling or one of those tools; I very well fit into the ‘Dominance’ / ‘Director’ / ‘Eagle’ type of category. I am tough, focused, results driven and really don’t being messed around or dealing with fluff.

I always keep asking myself if I have always been like this and it’s just coming to the surface or if I was perhaps a different person that ‘morphed’ into this character over time.

I think being in a happening entrepreneurial city like Sydney CBD has really driven that shift and lately things have taken a very interesting turn. As my business has expanded, the Awesome Marketing Vault Online Mentoring has great traction; I have been very lucky to meet the next generation of wonderful people.

Especially lately I have reconnected with ‘old heroes’ from the past including the awesome Tony Rosier who has helped take TSheets from ‘Start Up’ to ‘Hero’ in a very short space of time. I have been lucky to know Tony for years in many capacities before he took on the high-profile role he has today.

He is kind, dedicated, noble, process driven and a person who I have always liked and taken very seriously. It appears that many take him seriously as well and what I love about what he does it that when he commits to something, HE REALLY DOES DO IT!

I have always known him to be a someone who moves quickly and in just a few years he has taken TSheets from new to Australia to a company that is taken seriously that is working from a 7 figure to an 8 figure revenue.

Besides Tony knowing what he is doing; the results clearly show that and it’s got me thinking as to how he has done it and the key traits that have accelerated that success. From my own viewpoint there are three key factors / points here:

  • Tony’s product and technology with TSheets is unique and in demand.
  • TSheets have given Tony the backing, funding and support to win.
  • Tony’s consistent, strong, ethical and solid play brings in wins every day.

My advice and thinking? It’s very hard to win overnight (and few people do), but the ones that make it and crack the long term are the ones that ‘carry water daily’ playing that long-term game. As Lady Luck has it; some of us make it quicker / slower than others and that is wonderful.

The trick is that you play your own game and you win in your own unique way.

Just like Tony. I love his work.

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