There’s nothing wrong with a quiet day!

Resting up and enjoying life while we can is just wonderful!

Resting up and enjoying life while we can is just wonderful!

Ok you may have guessed it; I am a ‘slight’ bit of a workaholic! I can’t help it. I just love what I do and it gets me up early and keeps me up late (sometimes).

One issue I have been dealing with lately is ‘quiet days’. I don’t get many of them, but as my business has gone online I am getting more here and there.

This may sound a bit odd; but I get a bit guilty on quiet days. I have spoken to other people they are the same too on this one (especially us ambitious entrepreneurs) and it’s actually a common problem.

The reality of this all is though is that quiet days in business are really important for several key reasons regardless of how we may emotionally react:

  • We get a chance to catch up on less ‘urgent’ stuff that is still important.
  • We get a chance to reflect and work on the business.
  • We get a chance to recharge and get ready for busy days!

I do a great job of working on the business anyway and for me it’s the recharge I really need. Some days are very quiet and some are totally insane and it’s a priority that we get a great chance to rest up when we can.

I find that when I am well rested I am happier, I have a higher productivity, I just do a better job and life is just a breeze.

My advice and thinking? Make sure you have quiet days and you enjoy them! They are great for a balanced quality of life especially if you have had a rally of long days or hard times (which come and go).

For me, a few quiet days here and there is just fantastic. Reflection and recharging; I like it!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends.