Being the one that connects EVERYONE!

Our 'Profitable Marketing' event full of extremely good looking people. It's great to help them all connect!

Our ‘Profitable Marketing’ event full of extremely good looking people. It’s great to help them all connect!

I was reflecting at one of our Profitable Marketing Meetups in Sydney CBD and kind of thinking through as to why it’s so popular, why it’s growing and why we get 5 star reviews.

My events never used to be this well received and I do my best every day to keep understanding the mind of the entrepreneur, listen to feedback and think of why people like what we do.

There are various reasons for this with one key reason being that it’s a great opportunity for people to meet new people. That is even though people come to learn Marketing Strategies and the like; what keeps them coming back is the opportunity to make new friends, chill out, enjoy a positive environment and relax.

In terms of what it has given me personally has been quite incredible. Besides getting lots of clients (thank you), I have noticed that people have taken me seriously and really warmed to me even more lately.

When we take the time to connect everyone and help people make new friends it really changes the way people see us for the better. Sure, we are all experts in what we do; but the ultimate way of demonstrating how connected we are is by introducing people to other people.

I run groups all the time, people meet each other, they become friends and they know I am one of the factors that made it happen. After all, they met at the ‘Profitable Marketing’ event.

In terms of being an ‘Influencer’ & ‘Thought Leader’ this is a very profitable thing to do in that when people know you are the ‘connector’ they love you and take you seriously. This is a great thing in terms of increasing their odds of hiring you, referring you and just saying great things about you around town.

My advice and thinking? Make it about other people and give referrals, connect people and go far beyond the ‘professional designation’ of what you do. This makes it all that bit different and gives you the massive edge in the market place.

For me I plan to do even more of this. It’s fun and I love it!

Get out there, explore, meet people and help others meet people. It rocks.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!