From playing games, to wearing jeans amoung suits and crazy stuff on Facebook - it's all worked out!

From playing games, to wearing jeans amoung suits and crazy stuff on Facebook – it’s all worked out!

When it comes to business, it’s a core part of your life regardless how much anyone argues that ‘they are different’ and the like.

I have found over the years that unsuccessful people or those on the sidelines say life and business are separate with the multi-millionaire winners saying it’s all combined.

I found the truth in the latter in that and the longer I have been in business, the more I have realised the importance of succeeding our own way.  That is, whenever I have copied someone it has never worked out for myself. When I have taken an idea, adapted it to myself and done it on my own way it’s totally rocked.

For me and my business, I am very unconventional compared to many out there. I wear Doc Martens, Cool Shirts, Designer Jeans and go into rooms of suits dressed up like a tech entrepreneur.

I love playing video games (especially on my phone lately), hitting the gym, putting crazy stuff on Facebook and doing what everyone recommends against, I love mixing politics with Facebook! I even have plastic business cards and strive to be different in my own unique way.

It works! It works great and whenever I have followed the crowd – I always have taken damage. The reason is quite obvious too in hindsight, if I am like everyone else, no one is going to hire me.

If I am truly unique, sure some will pass me over – but the ones that like me will really pick me up. I have seen this occur hundreds of times too with my clients and colleagues too. Those that take a stand to be different win and those who fit into the crowd are average performers at best.

Makes perfect sense, if you do what the crowd does – expect the mediocre results of the crowd. If you be truly yourself and go different, expect different results (the trick of course being, different / better).

My advice and thinking? Be the best version of yourself. That is, be the ‘awesome’ side of your natural self, taking your strengths with you and hitting the market hard. Being different is a core concept of marketing (e.g. the term “differentiation”) and do it your way.

The sooner you do it your way, the happier you shall be and can expect great results to come your way. For me and hundreds I know, it’s been a the smartest move. Do it, overcome the fear and smile.

Love your work, thanks for the read and blessings from Edward Zia! (moi).



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