Know thy leads and know thy business!

Know thy leads and know thy business!

As many around town know me as a very direct and straight shooting Marketer, I often get asked a variant of:

– “What is the point of ‘Marketing’ is and how do you measure it’s success?”

Many people strangely don’t know the answer to this direct question (even other marketers) and in very simple terms it’s your sales. Be it more sales, an increase in the average customer spend or even sales in new markets – the whole point of ‘Marketing’ is to build a stronger business and get more people purchasing it.

Even though it sounds obvious in the way I express it, I totally get why people don’t think of it when asked. There are so many other indicators out there from anything such as Liked, Reach, Engagement, Shares, Visits, Sessions, Time / Page, Profile Views, Connection Requests etc! (this is just off the top of my head too).

What I have learned big time is to remember that likes, profile views, email open rates and all that are indicators that are positive – but the ultimate is the sales increase you get. For me especially, if I say spend lots of money on my printing or website (which comes out of my own bank account), I really must know I will get it back and make lots more money.

For me personally, I spend in ways I know I shall get it back and for me (touch wood lol), I always have got my marketing spend back plus a lot more. I know this through business growth, results, sales and funding.

My advice and friends? If you aren’t already, please know how many leads you get in every month and at the very least your sales (if say your business doesn’t get leads, e.g. coffee shop). The more visibility you have over this is the closer you can get to your marketing to gauge how it’s working).

Know your leads, sales, growth and you shall be in control. That better sets you up to make intelligent decisions for the future.

Love your work, thanks for the read friends and stay awesome!



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