Part of the 'scientific diagram' I drew today with my client on the Surface!

Part of the ‘scientific diagram’ I drew today with my client on the Surface!

I was with a very awesome long term client today who shall remain confidential (with total respect and appreciation of them). We were talking about their total marketing strategies and I was showing what worked for me and adapting that thinking to their own circumstances.

As we spoke about Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Websites, Business Networking, Phone Calls and almost everything else under the sun, I made the massive accepted point of:

– “It’s not one strategy that will work, it’s all of them coming together in their own way”

It doesn’t take a lot of experience nor much thinking to prove this concept. That is using myself as an example, people don’t watch a Facebook post and hire me.

They watch dozens of posts, visit a Live Webinar, check out my website (many times), read my blog, talk to me and then maybe make the choice to hire me.

As I was working with my awesome client, we started to reflect on the BS and con out there of people selling their own wares as the “cure-all” to everything. My business doesn’t cure everything, if a client of mine has a poor quality product – not much I can do to help them.

You get lots of misinformation in that “Facebook Strategies to make Millions”, “Selling Workshop Tickets for $2,000 Each” or my favourite con “Build your 7 Figure Business with Webinars”.

The reality is that this is only a small part of the overall marketing mix with a lot more too it. My client (who is a very smart man), reflected:

– “They are busy just pushing their own wares!”

As we laughed about the cons out there we are seeing through, we really focused on the whole marketing strategy. That is, everything we do has to be part of the whole marketing ecosystem so that it comes together.

My advice and thinking? Think of all the complex parts of your marketing strategy and remember it’s all connected. If your Facebook is awesome, but your website sucks (which once happened to me), don’t expect lots of sales. If both are rocking, chances are you will get some great results.

Make sure it’s all working together and work on the weakest link first. For me right now, my marketing is great – except for my website. I give it a C+ right now, but watch this space. I will get an A before long (as I never shall give out an A+).

Love your work friends, trust that helps and stay awesome!



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