Slowly, surely and steady, BUT…

The cute little guy is making it, but too slow!

The cute little guy is making it, but too slow!

As I write this blog 9:41AM on Wednesday, it has been pouring I think for at least 4 hours in Sydney.

If you aren’t from around here, Sydney is ‘subtropical’ place. You do get some cold weather, however it’s moderately high in humidity and when it rains, it really rains.

Even though the flooding can be quite problematic (using a lefty word), it can also be quite beautiful in terms of gushing rivers and lots of wildlife coming out of hiding.

As I was walking towards McDonald’s to buy my very awesome wife Hotcakes for breakfast (they are good for you! McDonald’s said so), I noticed a snail on the footpath. Before I saved him leaving him on a leaf, it was a great chance to get up close and personal and do a video.

Strangely enough, snails from a distance are nothing newsworthy but when you get close with a camera, they become these beautiful, details and complex creatures.

I noticed that he was slowly moving. Slowing moving. Even though I admired his determination, I was quite impatient watching him move along. Also too, he was on a public footpath. This little guy is crusin’ for a brusin’ and I am glad I found him before a cyclist did. He was great in the sense that he was determined, but because he was so slow – it left him exposed, weak and vulnerable. In business & marketing, I have learned exactly the same thing.

Many times I have come up with great ideas, but I just didn’t launch them quickly enough. What happened as a result is that I would lose ideas, other projects would take them over. I learned my lesson early on and move quickly now!

What also tragically happened was that I noticed some of my clients would do the same thing. They would just take too long to get projects / marketing and the like done. They would lose their drive for it, stop doing it or even worse – someone else does it and they lose the opportunity.

I am all for ‘slow and steady’ wins the race, BUT you also have to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and ‘timing is everything’ in the war of cliches.  My advice and thinking? Be steady, be driven, BUT do it quickly. You don’t have much time in this modern world and the sooner we strike, the sooner revenue comes our way.

These days I am very good at getting stuff done (ask anyone that knows me) and it’s paid total dividends. Go hard and win friends.

Thanks for the read! Trust it helps and stay awesome.