Fix one at a time and love it!

Fix one at a time and love it!

As I sit back in my chair at 5:55PM on a Saturday night, with my cat hiding somewhere, a wife resting and a bowl of Natural Corn Chips (in my new IKEA metal bowl), I am reflecting on my business, life and direction.

In thinking back, I am looking at what I have totally nailed / done well and thinking about those things that I did poorly or still remain unresolved. Fortunately for me, I have done far more things well and if I reflect back over the past 18 months, it has been different projects strengthening weak points in my business. Some of these have now turned into strengths and these are some of the top projects I have nailed (which I am proud of):

Business Networking: Left the low value breakfasts and into high value chambers. Done!

Email Marketing: Moved from an inconsistent ‘whenever I feel like it’ to a structured monthly program. Done!

Facebook: Believe it or not, I used to be really weak on Facebook. I own the place lol. Done!

Client Service: I respond fast and get things done so much quicker now. Done!

Webinars: Get a much higher attendance and it just works for me now. Done!

Health: Used to be porky. Now hit the gym. Done!

For me the big weak point in my business right now is the website. It’s always looked good, but historically it didn’t actually bring me much direct business. This has all changed recently! I went from about a lead a month to 4 x leads a week now and really happy with it.

It’s not there yet (I still need more Online Sales), but it’s going the right way. Even though my website has been a historical weakness, my goal is that it becomes one of my heavy strengths in the next few months.

My lesson from all this has been the importance of working on the next logical weakness in your business. As we work on things we have strong areas that are doing well for us with the ‘next areas’ that we know need to be fixed up.

My advice and thinking? Reflect on your business, make sure you have a direction and that and work out the next ‘big weakness’ that needs to be taken care of. As you work through each weakness, the business becomes stronger and the next one reveals itself.

As you resolve each of these weaknesses, your business becomes stronger, you get more clients and your bank account loves you more (giving you more funds to work on more new cool projects).

Once I get the website done (touch wood about 2 – 3 more months), it will be then publicity and media. Can’t wait for that one.

Go hard, fix your business one project at a time and smile.

Love your work, thanks for the read, here’s to ‘strong weaknesses’ and stay awesome!



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