One of my favourite workshop photos, full of great can do awesome people. God Bless them!

One of my favourite workshop photos, full of great can do awesome people. God Bless them!

After working with thousands of business owners over the years, I can summarise people into two camps; Can do and Can’t do.

Without doing any intensive research and purely off my own experience, I would say that out of 3 x business owners, you would get:

– Can do’s: Awesome people that get stuff done and win.

– Can do some of it: Those in between which are incredibly mediocre.

– Can’t do’s: Yes, those people who can’t get stuff done at all.

Can do people are those that naturally get stuff done without excuses. They work the hours, stay up late at night and the like.

I have had a few ‘can’t do’s’ work with me over the years. Obvious ones I don’t work with (sometimes I outright say no, but then they don’t usually hire me), however some get through. You give them the advice, they may even get clients – yet they don’t do the work that is proven to their own best interests. I think some of them are well intended, but they don’t share the same priorities on work that say you and I would share.

I have found them to prioritise anything over work and tragically it leads to their own demise. The good ones admit it and learn, the not so good ones will blame anyone but themselves.

Talking to the positive, the can do’s are those that prioritise their work and just get it done. They get that results come from hard work and personal responsibility and these make up the bulk of those I love to work with.

One great example of them are those that attend our workshops. They are on evenings on Tuesday’s and for someone to take time out of their personal life to attend means one thing, they are awesome can do’s.

They are the ones that get the results, earn the dollars and smile.

My advice and thinking? Being can do is a choice and is not something we are born with. It’s us choosing us to do the work and prioritising it over eating, sleeping, holidays or having fun. After a while, the work becomes fun.

I once used to be a bit of a can’t do, but I learned my lesson the hard way. Get it done, smile and you shall stay and feel awesome.

Thanks for the read and thanks from Edward Zia!



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