My story of why I LOVE NSW Business Chamber

The AWESOME Ella and Ross from NSW Business Chamber. Love their work!

The AWESOME Ella and Ross from NSW Business Chamber. Love their work!

If you have been following me on Facebook, you no doubt would have seen some of my countless videos, photos, links and the like all praising the NSW Business Chamber.

It’s a great spot which I have been part of for what must be over a year now. I used to be quite involved in another business networking community where I wore out my welcome. They moved me on (which was quite sad) and in a way, I was a bit like the ‘stray cat’ looking for a new place to call home.

As I explored Sydney to find a new communities to explore and the like – I kind of realised this whole cool world I was missing.

From meeting people with more money, kinder hearts and being better connected – I cracked into this whole new world that changed everything for the better.

Where I was originally I was being ‘tolerated’ and where I got into NSW Business Chamber I was being ‘accepted’. It feels great, it’s paid off with new clients and with the benefit of maturity and hindsight – my take is that it’s the culture of where you are.

NSW Business Chamber is full of cool people who love success and totally value diversity. That is, I get I am ‘different’ to most people and quite a few environments just don’t accept me for who I am. However, NSW Business Chamber do and what is the ironic side of that is that they are one of the best in Sydney (and most likely Australia).

The fact that they accept people like me is one of the reasons why they are successful. They are as open as one can be that makes it a fun place which makes joining a no brainer.

My advice and thinking? If you were a ‘stray cat’ like me community wise or haven’t found your clique yet, I invite you to give NSW BC a try. They are really good.

Put it this way, I was in Jean’s last night, wearing a tight black polo shirt, with Christian Dog tags and they loved me. Next time maybe I should wear a Trump T-Shirt? (ha ha, I bet that is their limit lol).

Seriously though, NSW BC rocks. Remember that in your travels.

Stay awesome, thanks for read, thank you Ella, Ross & NSW BC!