Critical independent thinkers

Kind, Brilliant and Critical - Helen Tran is a woman in the know who sets a great example!

Kind, Brilliant and Critical – Helen Tran is a woman in the know who sets a great example!

Since I have been working the streets of Sydney for over 5 years as a Marketing Mentor & Blogger, I have seen many things.

From sitting in mansion’s of clients in some of Sydney’s most exclusive spots, to preaching Jesus and giving $10 to people down on their luck in the streets begging – there is a lot of madness and awesome things I have seen.

I have also been ripped off a few times and have done what I can to protect my clients and friends through learning ‘painfully’ like I have.

As I reflect on all the great things I have seen, done and learned – one key theme that has always come back to me is the importance of being a critical and independent thinker.

This can mean lots of things to different people and to me it’s basically being someone that doesn’t just listen and believe. It’s the type of character that uses their own mind, gets information from a range of views, questions everything and makes their own decisions.

One great example of this is one of my new friends; the awesome Helen Tran. I originally met her during our workshops in Sydney CBD and in getting to know her, she is funny, says cool stuff and it’s a very sharp intelligent character who questions everything. When I see her in action, she asks great questions and really understands what’s going on. She listens to reason, intelligent discussion and uses that input to guide her own thinking.

She is interestingly what I have learned to become over the years. I use to tragically ‘go with the flow’ following others which ultimately led me to some time being homeless and losing everything I had.

It was through re-examining my own light through an objective viewpoint and starting again – did it put me on the path of success and make me the happy man I am today. The problem with listen and believe is that if you follow that logic – you will eventually get into lots of trouble. You can get ripped off, taken for a ride or worse.

When you use your own mind, you become smarter, you say no to things that go against you and can say yes to the right things that matter.

My advice and thinking? Be like awesome Helen Tran. Base your actions / logic on the information provided to you. Make your own decisions. Just because 1,000 people say it’s so doesn’t make it true in the slightest.

Critical reasoning is a key part of success. Go hard, smile and ignore the crowd and trust yourself.

Thanks for the read, you rock awesome Helen Tran and stay awesome!