Easy times with the awesome Sarah Hardy. Inspired this fine article!

Easy times with the awesome Sarah Hardy. Inspired this fine article!

It’s been a crazy 5 years I have been in business for. I have met lots of great people, worked with thousands (which is just awesome) and considered a key player when it comes to Marketing in the Sydney space.

It’s quite a blessing and if I think about it carefully, it comes down to to the many awesome people I know today from the thousands I have met over the years.

This came to mind with me after working away at the awesome Northern Sydney Institute (NSI TAFE) yesterday with Sophie, Felicity and the awesome Sarah Hardy (pictured). I have known Sarah for years and she rocks and I owe her a lot for helping me out.

We are all built differently and attract and repel certain types of people. For me I attract direct, straight shooting, real and hard working type of people. I repel exactly the opposite. Those that think they are entitled or play the ‘victim’ really find me annoying and don’t like speak to me at all.

What I have found is that based on our styles and who we are, we meet our ‘awesome friends’ over the years. This occurs in situations where one has similar values and just purely ‘click’ so to speak.

If I consider how many people I know and how many I click with, that is a very small number and it’s like that for everyone. It’s hard to find people you really click with, for the simple obvious reason that we are all individuals with our own thinking, biases, directions and the like.

For me, I know some great people (and it may be you reading this article too) in that we both think each other rock and am on the same page.

My advice and lessons? Be open, be who you are and meet lots of people. Get used to the idea of people not liking you (hard for me and many – especially if you are driven on approval which describes how I used to think) and equally get used to people who think you rock and the best.

You will be the same too! You will want to hang out with certain people and run for the hills when you meet others. All part of life in Sydney. Meet lots of people and enjoy the great people you become pals with.

Thank you Sarah, love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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