Love takes on many forms and Aussie's get that. Hence YES! (Image Credit to the Simpsons)

Love takes on many forms and Aussie’s get that. Hence YES! (Image Credit to the Simpsons)

It was a historic day today being the big day that after years of debates, delays and filibustering; the historic vote for marriage equality went through.

This came down to an epic showdown in spending millions of dollars to finally do a postal vote, with “YES” for changing the marriage act, or “NO” to keep the status quo (where marriage is only between a man and a woman).

I shall remember it forever I suspect. I was sitting at my desk, TV playing the background (it’s wonderful working from home) and as 10AM ticked over we had the results coming out giving roughly 60% yes.

I predicted this to many in that YES would win by a strong margin and I find it as a great insight into where the average consciousness of where Australia is at. It unpacks a lot of my own thinking and reminds me as to why everyone around the world loves Australia.

If you speak to anyone from Australia, overseas, interstate and the like; whenever you have a real conversation and that person is telling you the truth, you will often hear responses like this:

–          Australia is a safe country.

–          The Australian Government gives you lots of rights.

–          The police or the army won’t take you away if you disagree with them (this happens in lots of parts of the world, especially from my own Iranian Heritage).

–          You are free to do most things that you want to do.

–          You can practice any religion.

–          You can be straight, gay, abstain.

–          You don’t have to do a job because the Government makes you (you hear this a lot from people of Ex-Soviet & Communist countries).

When you look at lots of reasons that people give you, it often distils down to our sense of Liberty that Australia provides. Australia compared to many places across the world gives us great freedom to do what we want.

Australian’s are also known as wonderful easy-going people around the world for a great reason; it’s true!

We’re totally wonderful, however we also have our red lines. People are welcome to do whatever they want in Australia (which is great), however the moment we start impacting the rights of others this is extremely uncool which can often get quite an extreme response.

Like probably at least 60% of the population, I found it always odd that our society is very equal except for the Gays! Hence it was finally corrected, which makes us Aussie’s one wonderful country.

Australian’s hold liberty and personal freedoms very highly!

My advice and thinking? Never tell anyone what to do. Especially with Aussie’s. They will rebel big time. For the “NO” voters out there; regardless of your reasons I would spend time reflecting on your loss. Read up on what ‘Liberty’ and ‘Liberalism’ stands for.

Even though I am cool with “NO” votes, a lot of people seriously hated them, which I can understand why. Voting NO is extremely un-liberal and very against Australian culture. However, fortunately I am glad YES won. It shows you how much as a society we value freedom.

I LOVE AUSTRALIA! Best country in the world.

Love your work, god bless all your hearts and to equality!

P.S. Image Credit to the wonderful Simpsons. Love your work.