'The Condon Forum' - a room full of successful people always gets you thinking...

‘The Condon Forum’ – a room full of successful people always gets you thinking…

There has been something in the water over the past days when it’s come to business. Starting with a new client and many other discussions I have had lately – we have spoken about the type of best clients that suits everyone.

A Coach (who I am very grateful to be working with) asked me to help him define his Target Market. In simple terms, it is not so much someone from an industry – it’s basically ‘Successful People’ who can either be business owners or professionals.

Speaking more to the top end of town as well, I was very lucky to be at Condon Associates today at their ‘Condon Forum’. The man who created the business is a great man (who is also the Prior of ‘The Order of Saint John’ NSW) by the name of Schon Condon.

The event that they run is basically an educational event for Solicitors and Accountants where they provide quality information (this creates a great networking opportunity and also encourages visitors to refer Forensic, Insolvency and Turnaround work to them).

As I met people at the event and spoke, many asked me how my business was going. It’s been great and the theme that came up in conversation was everyone basically saying “I love having clients who are successful”.

This makes sense actually, don’t we all want clients who are already successful people?

This got me thinking deeper on what successful means in a practical sense. I know emerging entrepreneurs (who have no money right now), who I would consider very successful people. Whereas there are many Hollywood Stars who I would consider not so successful. To me it’s not the dollars in your bank, but more the drive you possess and the credible style in which one grows.

Basically, everyone agrees that they want successful clients only. If anything, if I consider all of my clients – they are successful people! Some are millionaires, some wish to be, everyone else is in between – but the common thread is that they are success, results and helping others driven.

My lessons and realisations as of late? Be successful and you will attract and resonate with successful people. Successful people like me and I like them. People who aren’t successful and sitting on their laurels, or say have nothing and pull down those around them don’t like me. That is awesome! It’s because we are on two different planets.

Basically the more successful you are will influence how you behave and think. This in turn will influence who resonates with you and who just does not.

Successful people are just like you reading this. They are awesome, they get stuff done and are a pleasure to work with.

Be out there, work with people only as great as yourself. Your happiness, your brain and your bank account shall love you.

Thanks for the read, appreciate the great vibes, please share and stay awesome!



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