Zoran, Martha, Me, Amanda and Laura from today (with Cassie taking the photo). This is our power team and we delivered!

Zoran, Martha, Me, Amanda and Laura from today (with Cassie taking the photo). This is our power team and we delivered!

Today was a very big day for both Martha Arifin and myself. We were both incredibly lucky to land a Live Webinar with the highly coveted and very impressive NSW Business Chamber.

NSW BC is totally amazing, it has over 19,000+ Members and things have gone very well for us in there. Picked up new clients, met great people, found a supportive space and basically have immersed ourselves in an environment we have been searching for (and found) after a very long time.

In this experience, it was being hosted by Redback Conferencing and we were incredibly lucky to have Amanda Currie from NSW BC and both Cassie & Laura from Redback.

Even though I have done many Webinars before (from my home late at night), this was my first ‘Professional’ Webinar and it was a great experience.

Instead of worrying about everything myself, we had 3 x people working for us, keeping it going and I could just focus on the ideas and it was just wonderful. We had a great turnout with 25+ people, lots of questions and tons of them emailing us straight afterwards and adding us to LinkedIn.

As I reflect back on today, I was impressed with how it played out. It was fast, fun, active and right before the room was full of nervous energy.

Martha and I was focused on delivering, our client and friend Zoran was visiting and watching us to see how we performed, Amanda from the Chamber was rightfully concerned about our ability to deliver (and so she should be) and Cassie & Laura from Redback were hoping all goes technically well.

We delivered! Amanda was happy, the team was happy and people on the line were happy. It was a great chance for us to feel a collective sigh of relief on a fine event.

My lesson and reminder today? Events are critical (be it Webinar or Seminar) and rightfully so – feeling a sense of nerves at the end is a great thing. It’s very normal and the better we can work through it and stay focused the better.

When it comes to your own events, do them, enjoy the nerves prior and even better – enjoy the big payoff at the end.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome!



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