The Awesome Lucas from Novotel Parramatta. If I owned a Hotel, I would hire him.

The Awesome Lucas from Novotel Parramatta. If I owned a Hotel, I would hire him.

If you have ever heard me talk about the Novotel before, you will no doubt see my light up with joy and passion as I discuss that brand.

Oddly enough, Novotel has been one of those brands which have been a pivotal part of my life. It was the first place as a young Manager where I got put up, I slept in there in many places across Australia on exciting trips, recovered there from any ‘business related’ hangovers, held my first successful seminar there, stayed there when I was in Dubai and even stayed overnight at Novotel Parramatta on my wedding night (which wasn’t too long ago).

Basically, it’s been there all along. One of those core brands which I love that seems to be at all those great moments of my life. If I reflect as to why I love the Novotel so much, it comes down to a range of factors.

The pricing is very fair, venues are great, well located, strong facilities – however what I have always loved is the staff and the way they make you ‘feel’ in such an environment.

When you travel (be it for business or pleasure or both), you can often be a stranger in a far away land. If it’s for an extended period, you can get homesick, travel loneliness or even when you say you are ‘physically’ sick and need time for R&R.

This happened to me once actually some years ago. I ended up developing a full blown cold and ended up resting for a few days at Novotel St. Kilda. It was a nice way to recover actually!

Talking to my recent adventures, it has involved me staying at Novotel Parramatta. I meet clients there now and Lucas one of their Managers and I have become pals over time (I met him whilst I was running a Seminar at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park). I go in there now, we often chat and even though I am more visiting to use their Food & Conference facilities more (rather than staying), it’s got that pleasant vibe about it which I really like.

My learnings and advice? Lucas is a great fellow (pictured) and is the kind of person which I am sure Novotel / Accor focus on attracting to their business. A kind, cool guy with a finger on the pulse and if anything goes awry he is straight onto it.

If you are holding workshops, wanting a Premium place to stay or say want a great meeting place – anything Novotel is great. The food is also quite good there too.

So thank you Accor, Novotel and also Lucas from Novotel Parramatta. It’s awesome being a fine customer and supporter.

Thanks for the read, love you to share this blog and stay awesome!



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