The Awesome Amanda (centre) and her sister. Great bumping into the awesome when you least expect...

The Awesome Amanda (centre) and her sister. Great bumping into the awesome when you least expect…

If I reflect back over the past  years of my life, I know exactly what it’s like to be surrounded by people who are awesome and not awesome.

Today I am very lucky to have a great community of people around me which I am very grateful for and I know what it’s like when we don’t have that. It’s very hard to achieve big things if people are using us, taking our resources and not helping us to our own betterment.

As I grew in my own business across Sydney, I really started to feel the burn of the not so good people and the blessing of the right people. It actually became quite an issue for me at different points in that eventually the ‘wrong people’ would make their move on you.

After dealing with them, advising clients (and even my own children of this one day), it’s to me a quest for finding the right people. When I say ‘right’ people, it’s a very subjective statement too. My take on it is that they are people where you are both mutually supportive of each others objectives.

A great example of that is the awesome ‘Amanda’ pictured. On my Sunday trek to the gym, I bumped into both Amanda and her sister and she is someone both my wife and I have really clicked with. Why is she awesome? We are on the same page, she is incredibly likable and has that similar prosperity outlook of the world that we share (where everyone wins together).

My advice and thinking friends? Awesome people will help you enjoy life more and get more done. Equally, there is a great sense of satisfaction doing the same for them.

If you were like me once and surrounded by no one (i.e. I came to Sydney and started again) get out there and explore. Chambers, Networking Events, meet new powerful friends and allies.

As time passes too, you end up becoming people’s powerful allies.

Thanks for the read, love your work, please share and stay awesome!



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