Feet up, great ideas in!

Feet up, great ideas in!

Hello friends!

As I write this blog it is actually the first time I’ve used dictation software on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7.

It’s a fantastic phone and I have always been sceptical of “Speech to Text” and I have to say that this phone is the closest I have ever seen to it being like a human transcribing it.

It’s actually working quite well so I think it’s going to make the minimal text changes when I am sitting in front of word later on (to actually make some sort of intelligent sense of it).

As I started writing this blog (or dictating it) I’m actually on a cruise right now out Circular Quay (right on Sydney CBD). It’s been a few hours and if you know me in the real world I have trouble standing in the corner of a room for at least 15 minutes. So I am sitting for hours and I’ve been doing all sorts of crazy stuff today. I’ve been talking to my awesome wife, thinking through great ideas and have come up with ‘dictation technology’ to improve my blogging activity.

I’m only speaking maybe 30% less than my standard voice and it’s just purely impressive and working well. It’s funny that when I disconnect myself it’s gives me a chance to think about ideas and right now I am pumped I can write up my blogs in less time. The reality I have found is that it is very easy getting caught up inside the business, not getting out of house and what can happen is that we get a bit of Cabin Fever.

We lose track of great ideas and when we do something different, it allows our subconscious mind to come up with new ideas on the surface to help us become more profitable successful and abundant.

I must thank my awesome wife as well for organising this harbour cruise after a few busy week. I worked a crazy week, did a full client workload and attended at least 5 networking events. I don’t normally do that many networking events in a week, however the networking events are on you just got to run with it and make it happen.

My big advice and thinking? Work hard when it’s on and also take breaks when you need it. Regular breaks give rise to new ideas (such as my use of dictation software) and help improve your overall operations.

Take some time out and I bet you will be surprised what you come up with.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Great insights! I also believe in the work hard, play hard philosophy.

    These days, I am also aware of need for mini breaks. I use those for gentle exercises. Sometimes I even take a 10-15 ‘cat nap’. Those breaks help me to recharge well.


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