Brilliant and a world of it's own - The Lady in the Van rocks.

Brilliant and a world of it’s own – The Lady in the Van rocks.

It’s Friday night, I have just been on a date with my lovely wife and we enjoy Arthouse Cinema. As part of that, we had the urge to enjoy a fine film and we chose ‘The Lady in the Van’.

What originally attracted me to the film was of course Maggie Smith (who is one of my old timer favourites) and then of course the challenge theme of a homeless person living in their van. In being a person who has been homeless several times in their lives, I found it a part of myself I wanted to explore.

It’s about the most unlikeliest of friendships between a playwright and a homeless woman that lives in his driveway for 15 years. It explores key themes that many films don’t tend to deal with in such a hard hitting & comedic hearted manner.

In short, I give the film 5 stars for a range of reasons that I think those with a ‘realist’ view of the world will subscribe too. As I gave it 5 stars, I wanted to give you 5 points of reason as to why it deserves this rating:

First Star: A clever concept and a great take on homelessness.

Second Star: Great scenes that sets up later in the storyline.

Third Star: Strong narrative and a compelling take on the voices in our head.

Fourth Star: Exploring all aspects of the human psyche.

Fifth Star: How it brought the film together with an ending never before seen.

As you watch this masterpiece, it continually explores one key theme that comes over and over again – ‘living on the fringes of society’. Everyone in their own unique way is technically part of society but equally not part of it as they struggle to resolve their own relationships with others, our charitable hero and with themselves.

It’s the ultimate film for exploring such emotions and I highly recommend it.

Enjoy, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome! Go Lady in the Van!



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