Curzon Hall was wonderful with great people and also meeting Daniel Blissett from IBM. Go PC!

Curzon Hall was wonderful with great people and also meeting Daniel Blissett from IBM. Go PC!

Tonight has been a night of culture, style, great people and brilliant food. I swear I couldn’t eat another bite as I reflect on the great night at Curzon Hall (by Navarra Venues). It is this heritage building which is just beautiful and it’s run by the very savvy Navarra who totally understand how people feel and how to maximize an event.

Tonight I was very lucky to be invited to the ‘Perfect Recipe to a Tasteful Event’ which is basically one of their ‘open houses’ where in this case they had media, Executive Assistants and people from the Government & Industry that they worked hard to impress, please and prove why they are worthy of being a great host of venues.

As someone who uses and hires lots of venues, Curzon Hall (and my experience with Navarra) so far has been one that has been fun, pleasurable, cultural and experiences where I have totally enjoyed myself.

In addition too, the events are full of amazing people. In being a heavy ‘Tech’ guy myself, I even met the General Manager of Sales from IBM Australia Daniel Blissett (pictured) – it’s very cool! (As successful people only of course hang out at successful places). On a total side note (nothing to do with awesome Curzon), I was telling him how awesome I think IBM is and how I used to play Leisure Suit Larry 1 on my mother’s old IBM 286 12mHz mainframe system. Ah, they were the days!

Okay, back to awesome Curzon Hall…

My advice and learnings tonight? Well many. From my own business viewpoint, it’s great to be out there and experience new things. From a venue viewpoint, the heritage style venues like Curzon Hall / Navarra are just wonderful.

If you are booking events, they are very impressive and worth of consideration. Google them and check them out – based on my experiences, I can say your attendees and yourself shall be very happy with how it plays out. Check out the video I put on YouTube below and enjoy!



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