Great people speed up your research and winning. Love it! (Thank you Div)

Great people speed up your research and winning. Love it! (Thank you Div)

Over the years of business, I have learned many lessons including the idea of ‘Research’. In one of my favourite video games XCOM, you are leading a secret organisation to stop an alien invasion.

In these series, ‘Research’ is one of those critical factors in how quickly you get technology. If you don’t keep up with technology, you will lose the game as you will get outgunned by the aliens very quickly.

In business for ourselves it’s often the same I have found in that once you are in the Market, you are busy improving your technology, ideas and the like. If you are too slow, you will look tired and you will get less clients. Pure & simple!

As time passes, things occur that speed up your research and slow you down. Like what happened to me several times over the years, I have had people use me, turn on me and say back stab me to their communities (so they can steal clients and ideas from me without ethics or concern). That slowed down my research and getting clients.

Equally, I would run Webinars, great events, help people, get more known and people would hire me. Basically, I would help people and that would speed up my research. I get more clients, I have more money, I can invest more in my business and you get the drift.

My advice and lessons? Work hard, help people, watch out for bad people attacking good people like you and me and do whatever you can to speed up your research. It’s critical as a key part of your earnings, success and satisfaction in life.

Bad people will sabotage you, slow you down.

Great people will refer you, speed you up, help you win and make you really successful! And of course you help them win the game too.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome!



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