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Loving Microsoft and getting more done!

Loving Microsoft and getting more done!

It is 11:18AM as I sit in the beautiful café on Cronulla Beach by the name of ‘Zimzala’.

It’s a fantastic spot which I first discovered some years back whilst having lunch with an awesome client. It overlooks the water, the people are great and the Coffee + Banana Bread I am having is divine.

My Friday has been one of massive productivity on many levels. Met with an awesome client & friend, done Mailchimp emails, Facebook Videos, Graphical Work and while I am out and about.

The power of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is amazing; it’s a full PC in the body of a sleek tablet that when you are a ‘road warrior’ like myself – it changes everything on massive level. I work on it all the time be it in front of clients or in-between clients.

I remember once upon a time being chained to a desk! The things we do on the road today that we take for granted would have been just not possible even just a few years ago. This to me has profound implications for us as Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Gone are the days we ‘sit at a desk’ and this is good and possibly bad from different viewpoints. The bad is that people expect stuff quicker (which I am fine with).

Talking to the positive however is how we can get more done with strength, confidence, speed and as much accuracy as we can muster in a day. What I do is that in between meetings I get as much done as possible.

Responding to emails, pumping out social media, writing blogs as I am now – it all adds up. It’s also great to try and protect your ‘home life’ as much as possible. That is when I get back home, the last thing I want to do is have loose ends.

Answered emails, done tasks and the like means happy customers. It also means you get all these jobs ‘out of your mind’ so you can relax, chill and focus on what matters.

My advice and thinking? Really get into mobile technology. Telstra 4G is great, I love my Samsung Google Galaxy S7 and of course the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Also, if you can’t already – learn how to touch type! You shall save hours in the day.

Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciate any likes and shares + you rock!