Words that CREATE AN IMAGE in your mind

I loved this emotive wording from Harris Farm. In the zone!

I loved this emotive wording from Harris Farm. In the zone!

Not a lot of people know this (but figure it out quickly), in that I have been trained in professional copywriting.

When I started my business, I used to write up full website content, sometimes for two websites a month!

Even though I was great at it, it slowly drove me insane and made me speed up the growth of the Mentoring & Coaching side of my business.

A very smart guy with lots of money (who worked on some of Australia’s top Accounts) was a key mentor of mine when it came to writing. He was up there in the Advertising Agency Clemenger and totally taught me many great things (thank you Marcus! You rock).

One key point he trained me well on was how that the words you use, must create an image in the readers mind to be effective. If your words are say mediocre in an ad and don’t do that, you may have some poor writing.

If your words are quite emotive that make people ‘see an image’ in their mind, chances are you have some strong writing that may sell.

I saw a great example as I was leaving a Harris Farm Market in the Inner West of Sydney. In going down the escalators to get to my car, I saw this great wording:


Without thinking about it, this wording took me in a psychological journey and I loved it. I then hit the bottom of the escalator, went back up the top, then went back down (like a crazy person) with my phone to capture a photo. I loved it. I could see the markets, see the trucks, the fresh crispy celery and it got me!

My advice and thinking? Great wording friends! If you’re wording creates an emotional reaction that creates ‘imagery’ in one mind, you have got some strong wording.

You may need to make your writing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Copy, Brochures or whatever; stronger and more in the zone.

I love your work, thank you for the read, it rocks Harris Farm and stay awesome friends!