Snapping those beautiful and PROFITABLE Instant Moments!

For a non photographer, I am pretty proud of this sunset I took in Mosman!

For a non photographer, I am pretty proud of this sunset I took in Mosman!

One of my wonderful friends from Queensland has asked me to write a short story in her new book coming up! I just did and I am totally pumped.

Even though I have written in Magazines, Blogs and in the Public Domain, it’s my first chance being in a “Book Book” and I can tell you friends that I am excited on many levels.

Before she asked me to write in her book, my author friend noticed that I have taken some really good photos and written some top blogs. Even though she has more judged me by my use of words, it was my photos actually that first grabbed her attention.

I take photos in all situations. From a great sunset, to a stop shot with some people, the top of a building, a great food dish, selfies and more!

What it’s taught me is that my best shots aren’t ones that I have planned per se. They have been photos that were taken in the heat of the moment, often; the capturing of an instant moment that is extremely hard to reproduce at any other point in time.

In fact, the photo on my website is one of those photos taken at my Marketing Seminar Evenings which I have used more and more in the future.

My advice and thinking? Develop great lighting reflexes. You never know when you get that photo chance again and if I see that great moment, I pull out my phone and snap it up.

By doing this, you shall get some of your best photos ever. They can be photos for fun, or great ones that become hero shots in your business.

Love your work, happy snapping and take some great shots friends. It’s worth it!