Getting Spiritual with Ed: Increasing our ‘Lady Luck’

Lady luck from Fallout 4 has taught me many great things about winning more!

Lady luck from Fallout 4 has taught me many great things about winning more!

‘Luck’ is one of those aspects of our reality that is completely intangible, difficult to fully understand, yet something that has massive impacts on our life.

It’s used in all sorts of ways from being reasons why people are wonderful, excuses for failure and more. I find it an incredible topic and one key point you learn very early on in the Templars and the like is how ‘luck’ varies for everyone far beyond our own comprehension.

A classic example is being born in the First World versus the Developing World. If you are in the First World, there are obviously many more advantages.

Talking entrepreneurship, I see this all the time. You get two wonderful people who are identical who are working away, and one gets a ‘big break’ first and makes a lot of money compared to their rival / friend. You can say it’s because Winner A did something different. I have seen lots of cases when it isn’t, and it goes back to the concept of ‘Lady Luck’.

I am always pondering what it means, and I am sure I shall do, till I make it to 100 (I am going to make it to 100, I want my letter from the Queen).

I can tell you that luck is extremely unfair, and it can go your way or not your way. However, there are three key points that I do which have improved my luck:

  • Work harder and more put yourself in front of more opportunities.
  • Prayer and thanking Jesus (i.e. if you are a Secularist, you can say ‘Universe’).
  • Good luck trinkets (e.g. my cross).

Before you think, I have had too much coffee this morning when I talk trinkets, I once started wearing one of my Christian Trinkets and I won a MASSIVE CLIENT that same day. So hence I love it.

My advice and thinking? In your own unique way, understand what ‘Lady Luck’ is. For me, I got right into luck when I played the Fallout 4 series (it gave a funny, yet very real take on it).

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!