Faith in Jesus, The Universe and WINNING BIG!

Visiting the Chapel at the Hunter Valley Gardens got me thinking today about faith...

Visiting the Chapel at the Hunter Valley Gardens got me thinking today about faith…

Over the past 6 to 12 months, many things in my life have gone great and changed for the better.

The life I lead today is great and my days are made up of totally different activities to say my life two years ago.

I am speaking to more people, onboarding lots of new clients, speaking at many events and it’s something that has required me to step into a new success zone.

The uncertainty of my life has driven me to become more of a man of faith. Sometimes I freak out with all the moving parts ahead of me, only to realise that everything shall be fine a short time later.

From this whole experience, it’s taught me to believe in myself on many more levels. As a proud Christian, I have found that placing my faith in Jesus has been very important.

To those that say don’t believe in God who are more on the secular end of spirituality, I would say “The Universe” here. As Christians, we tend to pray to Jesus. For those who aren’t really into god, I have found they find great solace in mediation.

I have found that staying faithful has been critical for my own success and if I hadn’t, I would have gone insane by now.

My advice and thinking? Believe and put your faith in the forces above you. Doing this has made me more successful than I can possibly imagine. What can happen at times under stress is that we forget about this.

That’s okay! We can all freak out and it’s great. The trick is getting yourself back into faith mode ASAP. Slow down, pray and it rocks.

Love your work, thank you for the read, god bless your hearts and STAY AWESOME!