I love my extremely PROFITABLE PHONE!

'I love Lucy' totally gets the phone. I love her work!

‘I love Lucy’ totally gets the phone. I love her work!

Over the weekend, we made some big changes to our Sales & Marketing Strategy. This happens all the time based on what works and what doesn’t.

For me, it’s been more tweaking lately really focusing on what works and what the business needs at a given point in time.

Going to more Networking events is not the answer for me right now. I have gone to enough for one lifetime and I find it just wonderful working with my own Profitable Marketing Events, NSW Business Chamber, British Chamber and going to friend’s events.

What I love greatly is the phone! If possible, I love calling up 30 people per day and checking in on clients, following up on leads and inviting people to events, workshops and the like.

It really works! I get meetings, clients, get people who are about to buy over the line and get people connected. What I find interesting, is that nobody talks about follow up or using the phone these days.

It’s more Social Media and Digital. I love Social Media and Digital! However, I have old time blues for the classic phone.

My advice and thinking? Call up 30 people you know a day! Touch base, invite them to your events, invite them to check out your services and build your friendships.

It works and one of my favourite Marketing Strategies ever! My phone is extremely profitable and it rocks.

I love your work, get on the phone and stay awesome friends!