High Strength & Intelligence

Ruchi rocks and I love seeing her in action!

Ruchi rocks and I love seeing her in action!

I was thinking about one of my wonderful friends who is very strong and intelligent.

I remember when I first met her, and she spoke; you could hear the confidence and thinking come through their voice in an instant.

This is the awesome Leadership Coach Ruchi Motial-Suri who rocks on many levels. When I first met her, it’s very easy to pick her top attributes, of strength and intelligence. She would grasp complex ideas fast, process information quickly and she would have the base of experience to say great things that stack up.

These two attributes are critical for success as entrepreneurs and I am one of the first to say that we aren’t born these attributes per se, they are traits that we develop.

Believe it or not, I never used to be that ‘intelligent’ so to speak. I even got very average marks at high school. However, through study, education, consistent application and the like; my intelligence has gone up over time.

Ruchi is extremely savvy and in the zone for many reasons I am sure; one of them being her incredible experience that makes her smart.

Secondly, strength! This is most certainly a learned skill and I have seen this many times in people. Ruchi has managed lots of people and tough projects, I have had to step up in my own business and life to win big.

These two attributes have been core to my own success and Ruchi exudes it and it’s great.

My advice and thinking? Strength & intelligence are two key drivers of success in your life. If you say feel ‘weak’ and not ‘too clever’ like I once did, please don’t feel that way. Keep at it, get the experience, build your smarts over time and stay in the zone.

I did, and it’s been great! Ruchi obviously got into this line of thinking a long time ago, hence she is a winner.

I love your work, thank you for the read, you rock Ruchi and stay awesome friends!