Ticking items off your BUCKET LIST

This photo made me very happy on multiple levels of existence!

This photo made me very happy on multiple levels of existence!

As I am almost about to hit the big FOUR O I life, I have been thinking lots about my achievements and how things have played out.

Although I did waste a few years there, I am very happy about the idea of turning 40 and have had some great achievements especially over the past two years. Some of these financial, spiritual, relationship wise and more; they have been great and I’m loving it.

As this all plays out, I have even struck items off my ‘Bucket List’. This is my list of things and personal desires that I must do in my life and I am forever adding to it and removing / checking off items.

I had a few items which I recently struck off the list that has been great. This included running around Central Park in New York (check!) and taking a cool photo outside Trump Towers in New York. Both I achieved just recently, and it’s been a motivating and inspiring experience on many levels.

As I struck these two items off my bucket list, it gave me a great feeling and relaxation and smiling which I totally loved. It also gave me room to get more items onto my bucket list and get more motivated. It also improved my self confidence and it totally rocked.

My advice and thinking? Work on your own goals and desires and build to your bucket list. It’s great and funny. It also gives you an outlet to chase wonderful dreams in style.

Love your work, best of luck with your bucket list and stay awesome friends!