Yes I stuffed up my sign up form.  Before you read my article, try and guess why this won't work very well.  I hope you enjoy the fine answer!

Yes I stuffed up my sign up form. Before you read my article, try and guess why this won’t work very well. I hope you enjoy the fine answer!

Yes you can have a giggle at me.  I made a mistake which is quite common of First Year Marketing Graduates in my own business that I picked up a few days ago.  Recently with thanks to the Awesome MindArc Digital Agency (with Brendan Cipollone and Matt Craig) they have created me a beautiful new website.

It’s done very well already, I have received new business, great feedback, visitation is increasing, bounce rate is down and the time that people spend on site has more than doubled (this is great and very important to me – it basically means people like the site more).

In my type of industry (and very common for Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Marketers and say myself as a Marketing Mentor / Hybrid Character) outside of a referral, people very rarely purchase say your Online Products and Services.  They will often check you out over a period of several months, sign up to your free downloads, google you, get to know you and when they “Feel” you can be trusted they may purchase something, send a Facebook Message or an email.

In my quest to really drive my Online Conversion, in my new Website the “Sign Up / Free Offering” has been very important to me.  That is in knowing my own clients behaviour, I know that they will probably want to get some free content, watch it, get to know me for a while before taking any type of action.

If you can see the graphic for my sign up form (the man holding his chest and my curse word is not part of the form of course) it says (with the sign up form just beneath it):


“Get Access to our Free Sales & Marketing Tools, Help, Tips and Support! This includes Two Awesome Videos
“Turning Your Marketing Mistakes into Profitable Wins” and “$8,000 Worth of Awesome Sales & Marketing Material on the House”.

It’s not working too well in getting signups and I know it’s to do with the wording.  Before you read on, try and pick it!

Try and guess first!

I am totally cereal.

Ready for the spoiler as to my mistake?

It’s all in the logic and the Value Promise.  What I have here is a box saying “Join our Awesome Newsletter Community!”.  If you think about this for a second, why on Earth would someone want to join my Newsletter Community? Don’t we have enough emails? Why would anyone see any value in it? The reason is that they don’t!

The reality is this doesn’t solve peoples problems with it comes to what my business does.  Nobody wants more emails (including me), they want their problems solved.  What are my clients common problems that I solve? Lack of Direction, Sales & Marketing Strategies & Ideas, Helping them get More Profitable Clients and of course helping them make their lives easier.

What I did in my error was not include that in the sign up box.  I am working on some new wording now to make this really rock and so far my thinking is to really align it with my clients problems.  My new version as well is sharper, shorter, I will probably make the box a different colour and it will totally rock:


“Get FREE Access to Awesome Videos, Articles, Tips, Live Webinars and Small Business Sales & Marketing Ideas by Veteran Expert and Authority Edward Zia.  Already visited by 20,000+ Awesome Good Looking People!”

Doesn’t that sound better? More compelling and certainly way cooler? I think so and even I would sign up to something like this.

My advice and lesson from this one? Always keep an eye on your own work and when it comes to Marketing – make sure you always SPELL out the benefits.  The clearer, the better!

I trust you enjoy this article, I hope you haven’t giggled too much at my mistake – but at least I picked it quickly!

Happy Days and Nights Awesome Friends and Stay Tuned for the new wording!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves finding his own mistakes before others do!



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