"Less is more!" I have found this to be especially true when it comes to Marketing Messaging.  When you write too much, people switch off! Short, Punchy wins the day!

“Less is more!” I have found this to be especially true when it comes to Marketing Messaging. When you write too much, people switch off! Short, Punchy wins the day!

As my own personal Marketing Success and Thinking advances I am learning the continuing importance of “Wording”, “Tweaking” and making sure ones messages work at all times.  Talking more as a Small Business Owner, “Wording” is one of those topics which are absolutely critical to success in business, but often don’t get as much attention as it should.

I often speak with awesome clients about wording every day.  In the “Real” World sense it’s often, “Edward – what do I say in my Elevator Pitch?”, “Edward – what on Earth do I write in my profile describing my services?”.

In an Online Sense it gets that bit more tricky! “Edward – What do I put on the top of my website?”, “Edward – How do I write a Facebook Post that Converts?”.

Each of these questions are incredibly simple on the surface and quite often (even for me) the answer can be quite complex.  Wording and Messaging when it comes to Marketing is an art form.  In my view it’s one of the most important uses of language in that how we use words to best entice people to purchase our products and services.

My own experiences lately have taught me one prominent point:


That is when you say write a massive Facebook Post, do a huge newsletter (yes I have been guilty of this one) people rarely engage in this regard.  I think the common view is that if one writes lots of words, “More will stick” and it will be more likely to influence.  Sure at university this is often the case, but in the real world I have found it to be the direct opposite.  You want short, sharp and clean messaging that really just gets across the idea, the benefit and makes people say “YES! I LOVE IT AND WANT TO TAKE ACTION”.  When you simply write too much, I have found over and over again that people just tend to switch off and not engage at all (which is really not a lot of fun if you are trying to sell something!).

As a key example, getting my Elevator Pitch as short possible has been an important journey of mine.  When I started out, I would often get up and give a massive story about what I do that usually created very little interest.

Today, I often get up at Networking Events and say “Hello! My name is Edward Zia, Marketing Mentor and I love helping my clients build their businesses with Awesome Sales & Marketing that gets them plenty of new profitable clients.  See me for a chat if you are interested and thank you!”.  I say it with a massive amount of energy, it’s short, sharp and very clean and drives the massive point.  It always works well and gets me tons of leads too!

In Online Marketing, I would used to write massive posts say inviting people to my Webinars that would get almost now clicks.  Today I get way more sign ups to Webinars with just a few lines inviting people to sign up and get into the fine materials of what I am offering.

My advice? When you are writing your Marketing Messages keep it as short and effective as possible.  Sure, at times you will write massive articles and messages but keep that to an effective minimum.  Less words often get noticed and acted upon!

I trust that helps and thank you for the read!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Who is Working on Cutting to the Chase!



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