One post at time...

One post at time…

Facebook has been a fascinating journey for me. From spending lots learning advertising, putting up lots of posts, working in groups – I have finally been winning Facebook for some time.

I always did ‘OK’ out of Facebook, which is of course not ‘Great’ and for me it was an opportunity to really master the platform.

In summary, I have found Facebook success to be ‘Post by Post’. That is I got ‘some clients’ with advertising, but the bulk have come from fans of my Facebook Page getting closer to me post by post.

I like putting up great links, tons of Facebook Videos and this over time has all worked well by converting people who don’t know me into likes, likes in to followers, followers into fans and fans into clients.

Basically my take is that a single post on Facebook by itself doesn’t do much. It’s the cumulative effect of doing posts all the time that gradually convert people to your cause over time. I like giving lots of great tips, interesting content and if you haven’t already, check out my Facebook Page right here and you can see what I do.

For me to really succeed in Facebook it’s been putting up lots of awesome posts and never stopping. In the old days nobody knew who I was on FB and now I have a great crowd which follows me, shares my stuff, interacts, refers me and hires me!

My advice and tips friends? To make Facebook work you got to put up posts all the time. Make sure you enjoy it, love it and over time you will connect with people that turn into clients (of course depending on what industry you are in).

Feel free to get some ideas from my page, share this blog with those it can help and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    AWESOME success tips! I have started this FB posting journey too! Thank you for your coaching and mentoring!

    As we all know, people do business with someone they know, like and trust. It took a good 12 months before I got my first referral from a business networking group. I was once a no-body, now many people really know me.

    Online, with posts, graphics and videos, I believe that the know, like & trust factor can be amplified when we consistently share valuable contents with others.

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