Bob from Wonganella Estate was very awesome and the quality of his venue is just outstanding!

Bob from Wonganella Estate was very awesome and the quality of his venue is just outstanding!

Our Easter has been fantastic so far. Over the past few months, I have been putting in some very rewarding (and well paying off) hours into my business and when Easter was around the corner – I was like “Cannot wait!”.

I went extra hard knowing there was a small break and with thanks to my wife’s great planning, we went on a quick overnight visit to NSW’s Central Coast. As we went further North, we went through Newcastle to Nelson’s Bay (with a fantastic night at Mercure at Newcastle Airport).

One thing that we found what that the ‘main tourist locations’ really started to lose it’s appeal after the third place. You would get water, many average ‘tourist cafes’ really serving the same stuff – and it got a bit tedious.

As we were heading back to Sydney, we popped into Murray’s Brewery and it was flat out like Sydney Airport.

I knew it wouldn’t work out and I noticed in the distance, this sign saying ‘Wine Tasting & Restaurant’ over the hill. We thought, yes let’s check it out.

We discovered this hidden winery with great wines (I purchased the Shiraz) that had just an outstanding menu. Wonganella Estate was it’s name and it was nick named ‘Bobs Farm’ with the kind Bob who said hello, gave us some great commentary and was part of the wine tasting experience.

There were key reasons we loved the place:

Food Quality: Outstanding, the seafood was cooked to perfection.

Wine & Offering: I know my Shiraz and it was a very smooth on the light end. Purchased a Bottle.

Coffee & Dessert: Outstanding – I know my Long Blacks and it was great.

People: Bob and the people were just great and loved it.

Forest & Water Views: Just outstanding and loved it.

It’s a great spot and if you head behind Murray’s Brewery – you can see the signage on top of the hill.

My advice and thinking? If you enjoy wine – this is the place for you. Great food, beverages and options.

Thank you Bob, enjoy and stay awesome!



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