I once had Michael Mekhitarian as a client and he rocked (and it was great watching him speak today).

I once had Michael Mekhitarian as a client and he rocked (and it was great watching him speak today).

I love my clients! Today I am so blessed to have great subscribers to my online community as well as those who hire me directly to help them.

It’s a really good feeling and it wasn’t always like that. I have had some not so great clients before which have caused me lots of stress. This can be pretending to be ‘my friend’ and not paying invoices when the time comes, or say the ones that pay the bills but they overuse you and pull you down.

Today has been fantastic. I have worked with 3 x clients today who are great, awesome, I gave one a referral (that converted) and they called me up thanking them.

I have had clients before where I have worked my butt off to help them, only to get lukewarm to cold commentary, referred them lots of business to get complaints that it’s too hard or even better – ones that hire me, get my advice, don’t do it then blame me.

Talking to the positive, the ultimate clients are ones like you reading this article. I bet you are person who takes responsibility, is fair, kind, listens to reason, works hard and helps people (which is how I like to think I am).

Great clients are great from many viewpoints and here is why:

  • They spend more with you.
  • They are fun to work with.
  • They will refer you.
  • You will feel great about referring business to them.
  • You will want to see them success.
  • You will become more awesome surrounded by them.

My advice friends? Be awesome first and work your butt off to get lots of high value clients. Work hard for all your clients and as ‘not great’ clients move on smile and forget about them fast. You give the best, so likewise you deserve the best.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you clients! You are the best.



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