The perfect pick me up afternoon tea after a fine drop of red...

The perfect pick me up afternoon tea after a fine drop of red…

Awesome friends. I am actually tipsy right now which I think is the most important time to use Social Media, write blogs and put up Facebook Videos.

I caught up with an old awesome client (who shall rename nameless) and he asked “Edward do you want a drink?”

I asked for a House Shiraz (meaning glass) and he came up back with the House Shiraz bottle. It was a beautiful drop, we exchanged great ideas and it was a pleasure seeing the old great man again.

As I sit at Gloria Jean’s ordering a Coffee to wake up again and get back in the zone before jumping on the train, it’s got me thinking about business and how it works. Interestingly enough, today is going to be a tough one of me in a fun way. I am off to the City to visit the awesome British Chamber of Commerce for a ‘Whisky Evening’.

Whisky! Oh no is one reaction and this got me thinking on a deeper level.

Is Alcohol (in safety and moderation) good for business networking? I believe it is actually. I have had a glass of wine (or two) at recent Chamber events and it’s helped me connect more with people, have more fun, understand the help that people need and get more high value clients.

I don’t think having a drink is for everyone, BUT if it’s your thing – from a Business & Marketing viewpoint don’t be afraid to enjoy a glass in fun, safety and moderation. It gets you feeling better, makes you easier to talk too, more sociable and also I think it makes you focus more on relationships and people.

My advice friends? Drink or not – be open minded to how to network and improve what you do. The more you do that, the more great ideas you shall come up with to totally improve your game.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and of course – stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to my old awesome client for your great support and friendship. You know who you are!



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