High value people and smiles, the British Chamber is very impressive!

High value people and smiles, the British Chamber is very impressive!

Today is a very exciting day for me. I made a big (yet very easy decision) last night and joined the ‘Australian British Chamber of Commerce’.

(Big thank you the the Sales & Speaking Mentor Mark Kyte for this one. You rock my friend and thank you!)

This makes me a character in three Chambers now across Sydney and this is finally it for me (as now I have quality events all the time). As a note, I am in Parramatta Chamber, NSW Business Chamber and now the British Chamber and this is the perfect combination for me in what I am doing.

In my business over the years, getting out there, meeting people, speaking at events and the like has been my most vital, enjoyable and high return Marketing Strategy (besides the personal benefits development and the like).

Talking to the British Chamber, the awesome Mark Kyte (who is British) invited me to a Whisky Appreciation night of all things. If you know me the in real world, you know I have a thing for Gym, Video Gaming, Fine Dining, Shiraz and Whisky (which I have started developing a taste for as a Persian man who isn’t too far from turning 40).

After about 10 seconds in there, I knew deep down I was going to join and after about 25 minutes, I actually expressed that to their manager Jennifer Cramond (who is very professional, fast, kind and gets stuff done). She is probably about to call me to get my Credit Card details to process the application and I was very impressed with this Chamber.

I used to attend a lot of Smaller Business Networking Breakfasts (and used to run quite a few as well for a Networking Organisation) and after a few years I found that I outgrew that environment. It started a quest for me looking into the top end of town which led me to the Business Chambers. Each is great in their own unique way and here the top 7 x Reasons why I have joined the British Chamber as my last:

Reason #1: Jennifer Cramond (their Membership Manager) is just fantastic. She is kind, in the zone and sets a very professional image for the Chamber (she is the exact type of person I used to hire when I was a Corporate Marketing Director in my younger days).

Reason #2: The people were of incredible high value. It was full of successful Corporates and Business Owners. They have money, would easily hire me and more so – abundant driven people.

Reason #3: The Whisky tasting event was executed flawlessly.

Reason #4: They have plenty of events for me to get out, meet people and get new ideas.

Reason #5: It was a warm welcome and I felt 100% comfortable there. I liked the people there, they liked me – everyone happy.

Reason #6: The British Chamber has a Premium Image. Being associated with them makes me look good. Also too, I love the Queen, British Culture and the like.

Reason #7: I needed a final Chamber to join to give me strong coverage of Sydney CBD. They were the perfect final option.

My advice and friends? Check out their website here, ask me for details or book into one of their events and experience them for yourself. If meeting high value people across Sydney is for you, then the British Chamber is a great way of doing it.

Thank you again British Chamber, Mark Kyte and Jennifer – looking forward to big things ahead.



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  1. Hi Edward,

    When I bumped into you when you were on your way home, I caught your excitement!

    I am so glad that you have this recorded in your blog so that many more business owners can check out this quality networking group.

    The warm welcome and 100% comfortable factors are powerful. I have been to events where the existing members were loving themselves so much that they neglected visitors.


    • I know what you mean Viola! I love the places I go to now. Very early in my business, I went to this one event in the City and they worked really hard to make me feel insecure (I’d love them to try it on me again x x).

      They ignored me, I tried to speak to the speaker and a guy pushed in front of me (literally) and people made fun of me.

      The group then collapsed about 6 months later.

      Ha ha 🙂

      Love your work!

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