Success one day at a time

My lovely legs say it all! (lol)

My lovely legs say it all! (lol)

If I said to anyone from Sydney say 5 to 10 years ago that ‘Parramatta will become a trendy place’ I would get laughs, cries and massive disagreements.

** For my friends not from Sydney, Parramatta is a working class suburb that is growing rapidly in wealth, people and massive businesses – about 20km direct West of Sydney CBD) **

Well, it’s actually happening right now and I have been seeing it with my own eyes. From very expensive restaurants opening up, to much more good looking people on the streets, pricy cars, great coffee, trendy milkshakes and apartments which sell for over $1,000,000 – it’s all a happening city.

I even paid $7 for a Soy Chocolate Premium Milkshake some hours before that not only tasted just wonderful – it even had beautiful chocolate pieces all the way through it.

In a way, I kind of look at Parramatta as myself in many ways. It used to be a place in the dumps and day by day, people there have worked to improve the city, improve their education and earn more.

I got quite washed up about 10 years ago and since that it’s been a day by day journey of improving myself, my success, my popularity and helping my clients more one day at a time. I have found that becoming successful is something that you do every day. It’s hardly a place that you reach (in fact, you can slide from successful very quickly if you aren’t careful) and it’s quite rewarding improving yourself.

Be it getting more successful in your business, earning more money, buying houses, getting more popular in your community and the like – every little good thing you do gradually ads up.

Like Parramatta, myself and many of my great colleagues and friends have been on a similar journey of success. One push up, one new client, one new Facebook, one dollar at a time.

My advice awesome friends? Success is something that happens a little bit at a time. Keep at it day by day and one day you kind of think “Oh Cawd, look at me now – this rocks!”

Thanks for the read, hope this gives you something great to think about, share and like + stay awesome!